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我最近看了一本書 是羅密歐與茱麗葉(英文)


我想問的是 那本書的大意是什麼???


拜託用英文寫 用字淺辭簡單點


因為我英文不是好 3Q =)

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    Romeo and Juliet are enemies and their families are rivals. One day, Romeo goes to a party at Juliet's house, and they fall in love at first sight, but after they know about the rivalry between their families, they decided to run away together. However, the young couple cannot escape, so they find the friar for help. The friar gives Juliet a potion, so after she drinks it, she will look like a dead person with cold hands and feet, and with pale lips. Juliet drinks the potion before her wedding with Paris and her body is found by the nurse. A funeral is held and Juliet's body lays in a chamber. Romeo hears the news and goes to find Juliet, but he sees her dead body and drinks a poison to end his life. Juliet wakes up from her sleeping potion, but sees Romeo's dead body, so she kills herself.

    昨天才回答跟這問題一樣的 哈哈

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