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mail幫我中文翻譯成英文 (急)


「嗨~ 收到你的mail很高興,也抱歉這麼晚才回你mail :p



我現在正在放假 ( or放寒假) ,直到3月1號開學。

我從去年8月就離職了百貨公司的工作,並且復學了,也專心當個學生,大概今年的8~9月就準備要畢業了(開心),畢業之後應該會去從事護理工作,或許吧 :D


PS.(附上我自己近期的照片給你) 」





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    Hi~ I am happy to reviced your email but sorry for late to reply. : P

    My friends and I went to Taipei 101 for new year in last year. The fireworks show was so pretty.

    We are current celebrating Chiness new year with my family and relatives are all come back for that.

    I am in a term break now until 03 March my school starts.

    I was leave my department store's job and back to school last August. I want to study hard and get ready to graduate on this August or Setpember (happy~).

    After school I think I will doing some nursing works, I guess. : D

    Hope you everything is fine and the work is successfully in the future

    PS.(here is my recently pics)

    2010-02-13 19:01:13 補充:

    Chiness new year = 華人新年

    老外懂得 : )

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    I'm glad to hear from you and sorry for the late reply. :p On New Year's Eve, I went to Taipei 101 with my friends to watch the gorgeous fireworks. At the moment, people in Taiwan are celebrating Chinese New Year, and so is my family. Relatives who we haven't seen for a long time have come home for the holidays.

    I am enjoying my winter break and won't have to go back to school until March 1st. I left my job at the department store last August and resumed my studies. Right now I focus on being a good student and perhaps I will be able to graduate in August or September (I'm happy about that!). After graduation, I might go into nursing. :D

    How have you been? What did you do on New Year's Eve? I hope your work is going well and everything is alright with you.

    Take care,


    P.S. I've attached my recent photos.

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  • Hey ~ am glad to receive your mail, but also sorry that so late back to your mail: p

    End of last year with my friends to go to Taipei 101 New Year's Eve, also saw a very beautiful fireworks.

    Now Taiwan is celebrating the New Year, our family also, long-lost relatives back home in the New Year.

    I am now a holiday (or winter vacation), until the March 1 opening.

    I left last August on the work of the department store, and to return to school, and also to concentrate on when a student, probably in September of this year's 8 is ready to graduate the (happy), after graduation should be able to engage in nursing work, perhaps bar : D

    I hope you work everything goes smoothly, safely

    PS. (I have attached a recent photo for you) "





    This year 2 / 13 is New Year's Eve is our reunion day for the people of Taiwan

    We can do stocking up, play around with the relatives

    You can wear new clothes, get a red envelope, etc. ....

    To the temple to pray, to pray for good luck!!!!

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