When landing a jet in FSX, how do you make it so the whole brake/flap system works when pressing the reverse?

After touchdown I press f2 to put the plane in reverse but only the engines slow it down and not the speed brakes. In the landing lessons, pressing f2 engages everything including the speed brake.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It depends on the aircraft. Some aircraft will automatically deploy spoilers or speed brakes after touchdown in certain configurations. Others won't. I don't remember which default aircraft, if any, will do this in FSX. In real life, many large commercial airliners and other jets have systems that will automatically deploy devices to slow the aircraft after touchdown, including brakes and spoilers. Engines generally have to be set to reverse thrust by hand, for safety reasons.

    Some aircraft will also stow the spoilers and release the brakes under certain conditions, such as when the throttles are moved out of forward idle.

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    1 decade ago

    Press "shift" + "/" together while the aircraft is on final/short final in FSX and this will arm the spoilers and when you touch the spoilers will deploy. This opens the spoilers just a little but once you touch they deploy. That is what I use. Although some do deploy automatically. As far as the flaps those are entirely manual and you have to extend/retract them yourself using F6 to retract in increments F7 to extend in increments and F8 to extend fully in one click.

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    7 years ago

    I press "/" button to deploy spoilers after touchdown!

    You know how to auto-deploy spoilers after touchdown, using "/" buttons with all spoilers deployed once I touchdown or landed on a runway on a final approach!

    I hold down the "Mouse Click 1" to brakes if I landed on a runway or reverse engine thrust or throttle with spoilers deployed!

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    1 decade ago

    Use the / button from your keyboard for speed brakes. f2 is reverse thrust only. I use a joystick button for flap deployment, but f7 extends them incrementally and f6 retracts.

    Source(s): Quick reference guide
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