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Who can acctually beat this rotation?

1.Jake Peavy

2.Mark Buerhle

3.Gavin Floyd

4.John Danks

5.Freddy Garcia

This is the white sox staring rotation. If you give a team please give the opposing rotation and reason why it would beat this one.

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    If limited to the AL Central, I can't find a rotation that beats the White Sox.

    However, there are quite a few rotations in the other 5 divisions that are better.

    AL East

    The best rotation belongs to the Red Sox, and that's because their #5 starter, Buchholz, would be the ace on half the teams in the league. No other rotation in baseball can make that claim.

    AL West

    The best rotation belongs to the Mariners, whose 1-2 punch of Lee and Hernandez is better than Buehrle-Peavy (unless/until Peavy proves me wrong, I'm considering Buehrle to be the White Sox ace). Both teams have question marks at 3, 4, and 5, but out of both rotations, Bedard has the highest ceiling that can reasonably be attained in the upcoming season, and that becomes the final blow to make the Mariners' rotation better than the White Sox' rotation.

    NL Central

    Last season, I would've said the best rotation belonged to the Cubs, and I would've been proven wrong by the All-Star Break. This season, I'm going with the team that proved me wrong last season: the Cardinals. 2 Cy-candidates atop the rotation in Carpenter and Wainwright followed by the solid pitching of Lohse make for a better 1-2-3 rotation than the White Sox have. Danks may be better than Penny, but the stats should favor Penny because of pitching coach Dave Duncan. As long as the Gutless Wonder (former Cubs and Orioles pitcher) doesn't win the #5 spot in the rotation, the Cardinals should be statistically better 1-5 than the White Sox.

    NL East

    Without question, the best rotation right now belongs to the Phillies, and even though Halladay is among the best pitchers in the league during the regular season, I still feel they were better off before the trade. If he can recapture his '08 form, Hamels can, should, and will be the ace, and any team that can consider Halladay their #2 is in pretty good shape. Happ should continue to improve, and Blanton should continue to be solid.

    NL West

    The best rotation in the division belongs to the Giants. 2-time Cy-winner Lincecum would be the ace on any rotation other than the Cardinals (this isn't really the time or place to debate that second Cy trophy, but I still consider Carpenter to be better), and then there's Cy-candidate Cain, followed by up-and-coming Sanchez and overpaid-but-reliable Zito. The #5 spot appears to be a hole, but even if Garcia pitches well for the White Sox, the gap in 1-4 comparisons is too great in favor of the Giants (mostly because of Lincecum and Cain).

    Honorable Mentions

    AL Central - Tigers come close, but comparing the 3-4-5 ends of the rotations favors the White Sox just enough to give them the overall advantage.

    AL East - The Yankees are also top-heavy with Sabathia, Vazquez, and Burnett. The only rotation spot in which the White Sox have an advantage is at #4, regardless of how well Garcia pitches. His best days are behind him.

    NL East - Despite losing Vazquez, the Braves will still field a strong rotation. Lowe is the ace for now, but Hudson and Hanson can pitch their way into ace status by season's end (and if Hanson does, he should be something special to watch for the next decade, or perhaps even longer). Jurrjens is a reliable young arm, a solid #3, or outstanding #4 if all goes as Atlanta hopes. Speaking of which, if all does go Atlanta's way as far as pitching is concerned, their rotation 1-5 will be better than the Phillies, who I've already claimed are better than the White Sox.

    NL West - The Diamondbacks' 1-2 punch of Haren and Webb is at least comparable to that of the Giants, and if Webb returns to pre-injury form, that section of the rotation will be even better than what the Giants have there. Arizona's problem, however, is that Jackson is their #3, which means there's no possible way their full rotation can be better than the Giants, and it's a 50/50 proposition as to whether the Diamondbacks or White Sox have the better 1-5 rotation. If Kennedy earns a spot in the rotation, the Diamondbacks will have the better 1-5 rotation because of the better #5 spot. Otherwise, the White Sox will have the advantage at the decisive #5 spot, making their rotation better than the Diamondbacks' rotation.

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    1.Jake Peavy (injured last year / 8-8 with a 3.29 against the AL in his career)

    2.Mark Buerhle (4-9 with a 4.78 ERA after his perfect game last year)

    3.Gavin Floyd (11-11 and a 4.06 in 2009)

    4.John Danks (he's the one I'd feel best about)

    5.Freddy Garcia (seriously, last 3 years he's a combined 5-10 with a 5.02 ERA in only 23 games)

    IF Peavy can come back from his injury and IF Buerhle can pitch like he did before his perfecto and IF Gavin Floyd can return to his 2008 form then the White Sox would have a decent rotation. That's a lot of IF's. I wouldn't count much on Garcia.

    There's quite a few other teams rotations I would pick over them (Phillies, Red Sox, Mariners, Diamonbacks, Giants, Yankees, Cardinals, Braves, Angels and Dodgers for starters).

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    1. Roy Halladay

    2. Cole Hamels

    3. Joe Blanton

    4. J.A. Happ/Pedro

    5. Jamie Moyer/Kyle Kendrick

    Yours Truly,

    The Philadelphia Phillies

    I would take Hamels and Halladay over Peavy and Buerhle anyday. Hamels had an off year in 09, but his 08 playoff run was unmatched.

    Halladay speaks for himself.

    Blanton - Proved himself to be relaible last year, 12-8 as a starter and didn't have too many bad outings. Had 11 ND.

    Happ - Awesome young rookie, pitched mostly out of the bullpen last year and had some really great games.

    Moyer - Still with his age he had some great starts last year and pitched very well out of the bullpen.

    Pedro - Still has it in him, that makes 3 pitchers on the Phillies roster that would easily be another teams ace.

    Trust me, besides Peavy and Buerhle, the Sox rotation is nothing special. And trust me, I've had my fill of Gavin Floyd.

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    Red Sox, mate.

    1. Josh Beckett

    2. Jon Lester

    3. Daisuke Matsuzaka (Remember the guy the was 18-3 the season before last's injury plagued one)

    4. Clay Buchholz

    5. Tim Wakefield

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    1. Tim Hudson

    2. Derek Lowe

    3. Jaer Jurjens

    4. Tommy Hanson

    5. Kenshin Kawakami

    Top to bottom there is no weak link. kawakami had some troubles last year, but he showed shines of his potential in some great starts. Tim Hudson is healthy again. Jurjens and Hanson are just going to be even better with another year of experience.

    This is a deep starting rotation

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    Good rotation, 417-312 with an ERA of 3.99, which is really good. But the Tiger's starters are 225-184 with a 4.01 ERA, im not saying there better, but a close 3rd, also behind Boston, and just aheas of Seattle, Philly, and the Yanks

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    The Red Sox and the Mariners.

    1.Josh Beckett

    2.Jon Lester

    3.John lackey



    1.King Felix

    2.Cliff Lee

    3.Erik Bedard

    4.Some Scrub

    5.Some Scrub

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    1. CC Sabathia- 19-8 (CY YOUNG?)

    2. A.J. Burnett- 13-9 (picked it up in the playoffs)

    3. Andy Pettitte- 14-8 better record and ERA than Burnett

    4. Javier Vazquez- 15-10 238 K's in 219.1 IP

    5. Joba Chamberlain (possibly?) 9-6 might do better if is in rotation

    It kills me to say this but the NY Yankees have the best rotation in the league. They dont even need a 5th pitcher.

    Source(s): yankees.com
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    Not even.

    Tim Lincecum

    Matt Cain

    Barry Zito

    Jonathan Sanchez

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    That's a nice rotation but it takes a bullpen, offense and defense to win, not just a starting rotation.

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