How different is Alice in wonderland?

by Lewis Carroll different with the Disney animated version?

I have all the rumors and stuff, but I am less concerned whether the guy was on drugs and whether Disney changed some of the details..

whether big or small, what are the differences?


I am talking about the old old animation. I don't care about the other movie. I just writing an essay about it, plus the story is my fav.

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    Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland' differs from the book in a number of way. It omits some of the material in the book and includes some material from “Through the Looking Glass” and moves some material around. DIsney removes the incidents of the mouse in the Caucus Race, Alice playing with an enormous puppy, everything about the Duchess, and the Mock Turtle/Gryphon episode. From the “Looking Glass'' book he adds a meeting with Tweedledee and Tweedledum, a meeting with talking flowers, and a lot of meetings with odd animals and birds when Alice gets lots in the wood, some of which is suggested by Looking Glass material but most of which is entirely new.

    The caterpillar blows out smoke from his hookah in the shapes of whatever he is talking about and changes into a butterfly at the end and flies off. It is he who recites “How doth the Little Crocadile”, not Alice, and “You are Old Father William” does not appear at all''.

    The White Rabbit confuses his words.

    The Cheshire Cat sings some of the lines from the beginning of “Jabberwocky”.

    The Mad Tea Party is changed into an Unbirthday Party, taking the concept of an Unbirthday from the Humpty Dumpty section of “Through the Looking Glass”. Crockery on the table is alive.

    The trial at the end is a trial of Alice, not a trial of the Knave of Hearts who Stole the Tarts. The small door which Alice attempts to get through at the beginning talks to her, unlike the book where it is just a door. The dream ends in the book when Alice tries to strike down the cards which are attacking her and wakes up. The film has Alice suddenly shrink and flee back through the adventures she has had, pursued by card soldiers, until she sees through the keyhole of the small door herself sleeping on the riverbank and shouts herself awake.

    The King and Queen of Hearts in the book are both normal-sized. The Queen is totally mad. The King seems less so and he makes a point of quietly pardoning those whom the Queen has sentenced to be beheaded. In the film, the Queen is an enormously fat bully and the King is an insignificant dwarf, less than half the size of the Queen.

    You hardly need to depend on rumours. Just view the film on YouTube at

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    As with all adaptations of “Alice's Adventures in Wonderland” which I have seen, there are too many minor changes to list here.

    The film bombed in the box office when first released, but has since become a cult classic. It has more songs than any other Disney film. One flaw often noted is that the animation directors for each section seem to be trying to outdo the others in making their own section the maddest, resulting in silliness for the sake of silliness. More restraint might have helped, at least according to some tastes. There is a tendency to add animation gags for the sake of adding animation gags.

    Still, the film seems to me to be more watchable than some other live action adaptations. The song with the flowers is very well done and the new sections about Alice being lost in the forest is one of the best sections of the film. And at least the animals do not appear as obviously human being dressed in unconvincing costumes as in most dramatic adaptations.

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    Well yes, there are many different versions of Alice in Wonderland.

    The Disney Alice in Wonderland is the kind and cute children version of the story.

    However it's only a small fraction of the whole story except it was kind of made for the kiddies.

    The Disney version is the version of Through the Looking Glass.

    Through the Looking Glass is only a small part of the original which include the character such as Tweedle Dee and Dum, The Walrus and the Carpenter, and Humpty Dumpty.

    The original Alice in Wonderland is actually very violent, bloody, and crude.

    Disney only shows the quick way in and out of Wonderland.

    In the original one there is a Jabberwocky that Alice has to kill to save Wondeland and return home.

    It's really not for children but Disney made it seems so.

    But in short there are two parts of Alice In Wonderland, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There.

    Try playing American McGee's Alice. It kind of mixes the two together in a way.

    I hope this helps you get a better understanding.

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    In the Disney version, everyone is extremely silly and childish whereas Lewis carroll was making political commentary

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    If you're writing an essay about it, I'd suggest actually watching the movie and reading the book... it should be obvious then.

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    Well, the Disney verison is a whole lot happier.

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    Although the battle is different, and the cat's a different color.

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