Who saw percy jackson and the olympians? and read the books?

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O..M...F....G... I hate that movie! ugh they totally destroyed the plot...haha what are you opinions for those who have read the books...ill be commenting back :)
Update : i just really hoped it would stay..now i know there's no prophecy ...show more
Update 2: wait disney didn't do it? did they? O_O omg..disney ruins ...show more
Update 3: annabeth was scary looking! haha i cant believe they couldn't spend ...show more
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I read those books and they're like, my favorite series so I was going to see the movie tomorrow at 2, but every review I read, everyone I talked to who saw it was like, "They ruined that poor series. It was horrible!" or "The plot is more messed up than any book turned into a movie ever!!" or "If you didn't read the books, see it. If you did, definitely don't."
So I'm probably not gonna see it now, cuz if I do, I'll probably ruin it for myself.
I'm so mad at Disney right now.
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  • ken answered 4 years ago
    It's not just that the main characters are about twice the age that they are supposed to be. It's not just because of all the missing main characters ( mr. D, Ares, the oracel, Kronos...ect). It's not just that the entire plot was for absolutly no reason changed (what the heck was that with the green purels). It's that I don't now if I want them to even make a sequel. I loved the books and was excited to see this thing. But may the Gods turn this into an aborted franchise.


    Saw movie read books
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  • Andrea answered 4 years ago
    While I pointed out to my friend how they changed a lot of things, I kind of liked. The books are Superior but the movie was enjoyable.
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  • Ryleyrocks answered 4 years ago
    i just saw the movie today and was shocked by the way they changed the plot. i wont give spoilers but they fought people they didn't and didn't fight people they did and the plot was changed. I'm sorry for this but the worst thing i'm my opinion was that physical features including anabeth's hair and eye color and percy's eye color.


    read books and watched movie
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  • Annie answered 4 years ago
    I love the books so much. And I did enjoy the movie. The fact that it strayed so far from the books...not so pleasing. but it was a very cute movie i thought, it had the same sense of humor.
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