Who saw percy jackson and the olympians? and read the books?

O..M...F....G... I hate that movie! ugh they totally destroyed the plot...haha what are you opinions for those who have read the books...ill be commenting back :)
Update: i just really hoped it would stay..now i know there's no prophecy because hes already like 17...i like a couple funny parts..it was sooo extremely off though.. DX i wish they kept it the same
Update 2: wait disney didn't do it? did they? O_O omg..disney ruins everything...BLAH...ok well yeah..save yourself..its a disaster if you read it...its good if you havent but my friend and i are obsessed with percy jackson...and we were extremely mad...the entire time we we like WTF that NEVER happened O_O haha
Update 3: annabeth was scary looking! haha i cant believe they couldn't spend the money for a stupid wig! wth! and i know what you mean...that one battle before olympus was soo stupid...plus they didnt even get to the pit of tatarus
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