What questions should I ask a Zen Buddhist in an interview?

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I m doing an interview this coming Sunday, but I am a little short on questions to ask, as I am supposed to make a 3-page report out of it. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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OMG, you have to be kidding! But I'll bet you get an A+ if you turn in three blank pages. This assumes, of course, the instructor knows anything about Zen Buddhism.

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haha, if my teacher wouldn't call me a smart-***, i totally would!
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  • prettyparadoxal 1 answered 4 years ago
    ask him how he percieves the 5 senses :) also ask him how he percieves how we project ourselves :) ask him who he is :) and what he thinks reality is
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  • Jackie O MG answered 4 years ago
    What is Buddhism?
    How is Zen Buddhism different than any other type?
    What are the most important principles/beliefs of ZB?
    Do you meditate?
    What is the point of meditation?
    What do you think is the purpose of life?
    Do you believe in an afterlife?
    What is your goal in life? How are your goals influenced by the principles of ZB?


    Just brainstorming...
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  • Doctor Strange answered 4 years ago
    Is the meaning "Hear no evil, Speak No evil, and See no evil" based on the teachings of the Three Jewels of Tao during the meditation practice of Zen?


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  • Steve P - JW answered 4 years ago



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