Microsoft office 2010 beta?

I'm using ms office 2010 beta for now. and after the beta period end, it is said that i'll be given option to download the full trial version or buy the office suit. what is a full trial version?? is it limited to certain time or certain function??

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    The Trial version of Microsoft Office 2010 will have no limited functions for 90 days. After the 90 day period ends, the program goes into reduced functionality mode. In reduced functionality mode you can view documents but cannot edit them.

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    Office 2010 Beta is not a full version, rather it's a sort of user preview of what's to come when the full version is released later this year. In short, the full version will mean that any tweaks or quirks that might exist in the Beta preview (since there are some new features) will be ironed out. Your Beta trial will last through October 31, 2010, at which time you'll get that request to either purchase the full Office 2010 or try out the full trial. Here are some frequently asked questions that Office has made available for Beta users, you should check them out:

    And, here's where you can download Office 2010:

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    full trial version is a time limitation like 90 days?

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