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whats wrong with this guy????what should i do? i like this guy and hes kinda hes been staring at me fo r so long but never usually says anything..but we sometimes do talk alil and hes this really nice guy some girls just stalkm him cause hes that hot...but he doesent like his bestie wich is mine too talk to him so he said im really hot so i said practicly the same and he knows but hes to shy to start flirting so i have to do everything cause its gonna look like im i have no i de how i can start talking to him and flirt...please help...i have him for 2 periods maybe i can somehow talk at luch or nut......tell me!!!!!!!!!!)))))))<3

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Pardon my irrelevant response, but I thought this was the appropriate place to start this journey.

    This poem is writ

    For a girl so sweet,

    Whose eyes, open wide,

    Are quite a treat.

    Check my sources, Emily Jane! Do it quick!

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