are the refurbished ipod touch's from apple good quality?

i am sending my new 8 gb ipod touch to apple tomarrow. the reason is that their is a noticable amount of light leakage on the side of my ipod. im just hoping that the problem dosent go from bad to worse. should i expect a quality product? thanks!!!

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  • 10 years ago
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    it's a toss up - my sister got a "new" iphone because the one she got fresh out of the box was wacko

    she thinks they gave her a refurbished one which has more problems than the one she got new (the new one she took out of the box herself - the replacement some Apple "Genius" brought her without the wrapping from the mysterious 'back room')

    You might get gold, you might get a lemon (pun intended?)....good luck

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