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Can you sell your Facebook account/profile to someone?

I have been playing a game through facebook for over a year now, and am at a really high level because of it. I dont feel like playing the game anymore, and was wondering if I could sell my facebook account (that has my saved game stats attached to it) to someone? is it legal?

Many people have emailed me (over 500) wondering how I reached such a high level in the game throughout the past couple of months. And I know I would have potential people who might be willing to purchase my account from me and save them a year or longer getting to my current level. Was thinking of a Paypal transaction, then give them my login info and password for my facebook account upon recieving payment. And at that point the facebook account and game account would be theirs to keep. It is my alternate facebook account, nothing personal is in it, I just used it to play this game and level up really high over the past year.

Any thoughts?


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    No it is against Facebook regulations since Facebook is supposed to be free.

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    Can You Sell On Facebook

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    You could probably sell it to an elephant for three peanuts. Alternatively, you could contact the International Terrorists Association and see if the need to steal anyone's identity any time soon. They may also want to buy your birth certificate, passport and driver's license. Have fun (:

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    People seel their world of warcraft characters, I don't see how that is any different.

    Just make sure you delete EVERYTHING beforehand.

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    no you cant and its very illegal

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