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Tell me everything you know about World War 2 american spies.?

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    The names of all OSS personnel and documents of their OSS service, previously a closely guarded secret, were released by the U.S. National Archives on August 14, 2008. 24,000 names were disclosed. Thus, your question is a bit broad; however, below I have identified a few American-born individuals who served as spies for the United States during WWII; and I have provided under Source(s) links to much more information.

    __Josephine Baker was part of the French women's Auxiliary Air Force during World War II. She would write secret information in the margins of her sheet music and pass it to French-resistance operatives. She also made copious notes of what she’d heard at parties, go back to her hotel room and write it on little bits of paper and pin the paper to her underwear.

    __Virginia Hall, the "limping lady of the OSS," worked with the French resistance behind the lines and engaged in guerrilla and subversive activities. She learned Morse code and how to work a wireless radio, which made her invaluable to the OSS because communication lines were destroyed after D-Day. [She received the Distinguished Service Cross, the nation's second-highest award for valor in combat. She was the only civilian woman to receive the award during World War II.]

    __Mary Bancroft, a Boston Brahmin did brilliant work as an American spy in Switzerland in World War II. As a spy, she interviewed and sized up visitors from Germany and German-occupied territory. One contact provided the first inkling that a previously unknown figure named Joseph Broz had become the man to deal with in Yugoslavia, where he was known as Tito. Her most important work was with Hans Bernd Gisevius, a top officer of German military intelligence, who was not only a key figure in a vast plot to kill Hitler and set up a civilian democracy but who, well in advance of what turned out to be a bungled assassination attempt on July 20, 1944, had supplied a manuscript to her detailing the conspiracy. She translated the manuscript into English; another of her jobs was to make sure that Gisevius was not a double agent and to elicit and pass on the detailed information he supplied about the day-to-day shifts of power and strategy within the German Government.

    __Amy Elizabeth Thorpe, a native of Minnesota, used her beauty and seductive charms to win valuable enemy information from admiring men.

    __Elizabeth P. McIntosh, OSS Agent and a former Hawaii society editor, was honored for her work behind enemy lines in China.

    __Arthur Cooke took valuable photographs while an OSS agent behind Japanese lines in China.

    __John O'Keefe, OSS AGENT, went to Albania and organized and provided support for the resistance forces.

    __Betty Pack, a Washington, D.C. aristocrat turned Allied spy, handled hot assignments, traveling to Warsaw, Chile, rn Madrid, and occupied Paris, then home to Washington, where she stole the Vichy French ciphers that may have facilitated the successful Allied attack on North Africa in 1942.

    __Former Supreme Court Justice, Arthur Goldberg, served in a spy ring operated by the Office of Strategic Services. He supervised a section in the Secret Intelligence Branch of OSS to maintain contact with labor groups and organizations regarded as potential resistance elements in enemy-occupied and enemy countries. He organized anti-Nazi European transportation workers into an extensive intelligence network.

    __Morris "Moe" Berg was an American catcher and coach in Major League Baseball who served as a spy for the Office of Strategic Services during World War II. He parachuted into Yugoslavia to evaluate the various resistance groups operating against the Nazis to determine which was the strongest. His evaluations were used to help determine the amount of support and aid to give each group. In late 1943, Berg was assigned to Project Larson, an OSS operation set up by OSS Chief of Special Projects John Shaheen.

    __Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., from 1943-1945 served in a spy ring operated by the Office of Strategic Services.

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    Secret societies don't really rule the world. They're just a reflection of the unfortunate fact that a very few people have the vast majority of the power in the world. Guys like Clinton and Blair are immensly powerful with or without secret societies. Although, it's interesting to study these things to get some idea of who is aligned with who. One interesting thing about Clinton, is that he's a Rhodes Scholar. Which, if tradition holds, means he may have some kind of obligation to help bring the entire world, particularly the United States, under British rule.

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    You got it: 0

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