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What do people mean when they say "barefoot and pregnant"?

what do they mean by that?

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    "Barefoot and pregnant" is a phrase most commonly associated with the controversial idea that women should not work outside the home and should have many children during their reproductive years.

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    Barefoot And Pregnant

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    This phrase was probably coined by Paul Van Dalsem, a member of the state House of Representatives of Arkansas, on August 27, 1963

    Van Dalsem, frustrated with the efforts of the Arkansas Division of the American Association of University Women, told a Little Rock civic club that in his home town that if a woman "starts poking around in something she doesn't know anything about," then "We get her pregnant and keep her barefoot."

    Shame on him.

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    Pregnant without shoes on, lol. It's just some old southern thing. Back in the day when farmers would drop 18 kids just so they had someone to help with the farm, the typical scene was daddy and the older kids in the field while momma was in the house the with rest of the kids literally barefoot and pregnant. Some women were pregnant damn near their entire lives back then. All the old pictures I have of my grandma are of her standing in front of that old piece of shyte shack my mom was raised in, barefoot, pregnant, with a kid in each hand. She had 10 kids and all my aunts and uncles worked the fields when they were growing up. They were poor as hell back then. This is before the government started paying people to have children (welfare).

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    In the old old days that's what a woman's job was in a marriage . Barefoot meaning stay at home and pregnant have kids especially boys to help out around the home business or farm . The more kids the more help the richer the family . That's the way things was back in the old days . Today the more kids the more the expense . Its an old old saying that has turned into an insult to woman today . In the old days it was considered an honer .

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    Missed a bit. The quote is "in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant" Which means that the woman should be adhering to the 1950's idea of the "prefect woman" a Mrs Beaver type - neatly starched apron, staying in the home, constantly caring for her family and having no ambitions of her own but to keep her family happy. Really wasn't the reality even back then.

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    Barefoot In The Kitchen

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    It means a man keeps his wife that way to control her. She is always pregnant and raising children, usually this guy does nothing to help her except knock her up again. The barefoot part is because she is always miserable and trying to be comfortable...and since she's not going anywhere...she kicks her shoes off.

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    Well .........most of these answers are on target .... such as "Lars" .....

    young ... dumb... knocked-up .....and kept at home .................(at it's worst)

    barefoot ... meaning unsophisticated and without much education .....

    pregnant ... meaning that's all she is considered to be good for ......


    poor .... and... knocked-up .......(at it's best) ...........

    that could have described My Mother .....

    she was often "barefoot" .....and was pregnant seven times ......

    My Dad and all of us knew that she was good for plenty more than that .......

    and that "worth" had little to do with sophistication or education ......

    had everything to do with ....heart ......

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    Joseph Fritzl

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