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How do i address a letter to Chicago from Canada?

This is my first time

where should i purchase the stamp/what type?

and what should be the necessary address on the envelope to the sender and from the writer.

because i know for a fact that both addresses should be on there...but what info do i need to complete it.



and how long does it take for the letter to get to the person. im writing this letter to my close family friend, old fashioned way..because i think its cute!

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    I am not sure what type of stamps you need for sending from Canada, but I would guess that it would be like sending a normal letter. I recently mailed a letter to my host family in Taiwan and it only cost me 98 cents American to do it. Since the US and Canada are closer I would guess it is cheaper.

    To address a letter for the US you should write it in a similar fashion:

    In the upper left hand corner of the envelope write your mailing info,

    Jane Doe

    123 Maple Wood Blvd.

    Toronto, Ontario M5T


    In the center of the envelope you will write the Name and address of the person you are mailing it to:

    John Doe

    618 H St NW

    Washington DC, 20001-3732

    United States

    The letter that I sent to Taiwan took about 8 days to arrive at its destination, however I would imagine that between the Canada and the US it would only take about 3-5days depending on how busy the postal system is and how far it is going.

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    Address in center envelope is who it is addresses to

    first name last name

    house # street address - apt # if they have one

    Chicago, IL zip code


    in upper left corner you address



    city, Provence

    postal code

    Buy the stamp at the post office and let them know it is International mail to the states

    I should arrive a bout 1 day longer than if you where sending it to the other side of canada

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