Im from England wanting to move/study in America, help?

Ok, so this is my first question on here and I'd really love the help. I really want to move the US and work there in the near future. I live in England right now.

So Im 15 turning 16 very soon, taking my GCSE's and finish school sometime in May.

My dream job would to be a concept artist working for big companies such as Bethesda, Infinity Ward etc. to create the concept art for video games. If that never worked out I'd love to be an art teacher for a high school over there. But Ive heard that your only aloud over in the US to live if youve got a job worth moving there for.

Recently, Ive been looking up colleges in the US for international students, and I'd love to go to a college there when Im around 17 if thats possible? To study art further.

But the money is a problem, as it costs ALOT right?

I would just like any information or opinions at all, to do with colleges in the US, and other things such as the cost, the way of applying, the ages, and things like that. Im not really sure yet, I need alot of help. I would really appreciate it. Thankyou.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Get your degree in the uk (cheaper) then move to the us

  • 3 years ago

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