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Name of this movie that I saw.?

I saw a movie a few days ago, and old movie.

It's about a coupe, I think his name was Richard and her name was Mildred, although everyone called her Beenie or something like that.

They fell in love when they were young and when she got pregnant, they married. But she was black and he was white and it was during the time where blacks were considered to be bad people, so they got arrested by the sheriff and sentenced to jailtime.

They could avoid this by moving out of state, which they did.

But after a few years, in the time when Martin Luther King was a big star, she wrote a letter ro Bobby Kennedy about what had happened and he sent a lawyer.

They had to go to Supreme Court to explain that black and white people had the equal right to marry, and in the end they won.

But I don't remember the movie title and I can find it on Google either ...

1 Answer

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