Is Michael Jackson considered black history?

My cousin has to do a black history project and his teacher said since he didn't check out a book he could choose anyone he wants. So I thought, Michael Jackson! My cousin was so excited but then I thought, is Michael Jackson even apart of black history? Please help me! The project is due next Thursday!


Oh, by the way, my cousin is 5. He just stood there with a sad look on his face for like 20 minutes the day Michael died

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    10 years ago
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    He should be, he had a great impact on the black community.

    He did make history 1 of them being he almost shut the internet down because of the news of his death-That's never been done before.

    He Has the highest selling record in the WORLD!

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    10 years ago

    Of course Michael Jackson is part of black history...If your cousin want to do a project about him it would be great...He is the best example of a man who touched doesn't matter what color you are or what religious you have...Michael inspired the whole world...And he did never molested any just stop talking about that...

  • Yes he is Wasn't Michael Black?

    Yep Then he's Considered in Black History

    What a Silly question

    i Agree with Ivon c your soo right <33

    Source(s): i wanted to say "dumb" but i just stayed with "silly"
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    4 years ago

    "considering the fact that most black people don't pick up a book to learn sh it anyway" Since this is a fact, you should have no problem showing me the evidence to prove your racist theory. I love Michael. If you haven't noticed. I've answered alot of you questions before, but this one was very rude. Not everybody has to like Michael. Not everyone has the same opinions of you. If people feel he is a child molestor, No one is going to care about his music. Now to answer the question at hand. Whites hate, black hate, chinese, indian,etc, we all hate.

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    10 years ago

    Yes he is, because if it weren't for him black people might of never been on MTV, and he was the first African American to break so much barriers that no African American has ever done before, including his wonderful music and dance moves. He is King Of Pop as well, and inspired many artists today, he is a legend. He has the highest selling album of all African Americans.

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    10 years ago

    Duh, Michael Jackson's a black and made big time history. But you should do somebody else like Martin Luther. Unless you want to name how successful he was, how many artists Michael inspired. He did more than just create a few albums and become famous, he changed the meaning of music.

    edit: He actually crashed GOOGLE! when he died! That's incredible, cause Google itself is getting billions of searches probably every second... but wow, to crash Google?! That's insane.

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    10 years ago

    Com'on. Leave that man alone. He was Black and he did make history. RIP Michael

  • 10 years ago

    haa kinda funny.. but really he probly will be he was a pretty big deal and he was black. And i figure the class would probly enjoy it compared to what the other kids will pick.. harriet tubman and lutherking, report on jackson would spice things up ya kno..

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    He was black, wasn't he? As for being a part of history, that's something we are ALL a part of in some way. Think about it.

    Also, a report on someone who was always surrounded by negative publicity is a bad idea. Find someone who was more inspiring and actually did something for society (like ML King).


  • heck yeah he is apart of black history he even has an album named HIStory!!!!

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