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GH: JJ Question.......?

In the beginning I read tons of mixed review on JJ's return. Now that some time has passed, what do you think of him now?

I'm still not down with this guy. He's a great actor but I think he got thrown into the wrong mix of things on the show. He and Liz don't look good as a couple, he's hard to see as a cop, the times he's been near the boys, he's looked like one of them...I just can't get used to him around as Lucky.

Maybe the writers need to give him a better story that doesn't involve Elizabeth because that's only helping Guza mess with her more. Giving her drama is one thing but this is really ridiculous the way the character is being run into the ground mercilessly.

I'm impressed with JJ only with the emotions he expresses but I think he's just in the wrong role and in the wrong kind of story. I would have loved to have seen JJ around when Laura was back a couple years ago. It would have been great to see some family bonding. JMO

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    JJ is phenomenal as Lucky. He has brought such depth to the character and long time viewers are now seeing the Lucky we saw in the beginning and the evolution of that character.

    To be honest with you, if you watched way back when, Lucky becoming a cop is really out of character. Lucky as portrayed by both Jacob Young and Greg Vaughn were so far off from what the character was and should have been and it became flat and a back burner character who only just seemed angry all the time. It was almost as if they were just placeholders until either JJ came back or someone equally as good came along.

    Long time viewers will remember that the character of Lucky is a great combination of Luke and Laura--he always had the willfulness and rebellion of Luke but the heart of Laura and he was always at war with that. What viewers love about JJ is that him and Rebecca Herbst really made an amazing couple and had one of the best storylines. His chemistry with the other actors has always been great and his range is fantastic. I think it's unfortunate that they had botched up the character so much since his leaving and now they have to wrap that up so that they can get the character back to its roots.

    As for JJ being too young for Lucky--Lucky IS young. GV is closer to 40 and Lucky is in his late 20's, so the casting to me never made sense because they aged him so much.

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    I am sorry to the JJ fans but I really don't like him on the GH. He and Elizabeth were the it couple when they were young but they just don't have it this time around and I don't like how the writers decided to try and bring back that old magic because that what it is....old magic. I'm not saying that JJ isn't a good actor but putting him back as Lucky is too differnt after having watched GV for so long. GV didn't get a great run on the show but I still thought he was a better fit when paired with Elizabeth years ago before the drug addiction.

    JJ looks crazy to me and I know it's only because of the drinking and the rage but had I been a part of the casting, I would have passed on JJ or given him some other role. Just my opinion.

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    I loved JJ the first time he was on the show. I liked Jacob Young and Greg Vaughn in the role, I had mixed emotions on JJ coming back into the mix after being gone so long and he looks so young, but really I love him better now as Lucky then I did before.

    His acting is just as top notch as it was 10 years ago!

    Keep in mind, that of all 3 actors to play Lucky. Only **one** of them has ever won an emmy for the role, and that was JJ! Infact, he won 3 for the role of Lucky Spencer.

    JJ though he looks young is older than he looks he is 27. Lucky # 2 (Jacob Young) is only 3 years older then JJ, Greg Vaughn is hot as hell but he was too old for the part and there was poor writing for him.

    For newer viewers he is married to Lisa Vultaggio who played Hannah Scott for a few years on GH, she is 9 years older than he is.

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    JJ is wonderful! He has given new life to the character of Lucky. I couldn't imagine GV being able to handle all the emotions Lucky is going thru right now. JJ has given so much more depth to Lucky. GV only did angry and he was very one-dimensional. He didn't have chemistry with Tony Geary so I couldn't imagine him being able to pull off the father/son bonding going on between Luke and Lucky. GV always looked too old as Lucky. JJ just fits perfectly into the role imo. He looks like Luke, Laura, and Lulu. If he doesn't win an Emmy for the way he's been acting his butt off since he got back I will be very surprised. I could go on and on about him all day!

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    j.j is the original lucky, he made that character what we love and i'm not taking anything away from the sexiness that is greg vaughn but what j.j has done since he came back is phenomenal. from the moment they made lucky a cop when jacob young played him i felt that wasn't true to lucky's character.(soon after i stopped watching) i think if j.j stayed in the role lucky would have never become a cop. i also think they are writing the character better because j.j is back in the role. i feel sorry for greg actually. j.j has won 3 emmies for lucky and will get nominated again without a doubt. u may not have watched g.h in the late '90's but if u did u would know why so many ppl love j.j and so many ppl loved lucky and liz. they had an epic love story and awesome chemistry. they looked destined to be a supercouple but the writers have made a mess of liz and destroyed them as far as i am concerned.

    i dont know about u but i think j.j is hot. i had a crush on him back in '99 when we both 17. he was the reason i started watching gh. the amazing thing is he hasnt aged at all. he is a 27 yr old who can still play a teenager if he wanted to but has talent that surpasses his yrs. i am happy he's back, he is again keeping me glued to g.h. and i hope he sticks around for a while as lucky

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    Sorry, I'm with the others. To me JJ is the one and only Lucky. I never could accept anyone else in that role. I'm so happy that he's back and we're seeing Lucky as he was meant to be again. The only reason that he seems too young is because the other actors were older. He's the age (and everything else) that Lucky's supposed to be.

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    I don't like JJ on the show. I loved GV and I liked him better as Lucky. As for the storyline, it's awful anyway you look at it. JJ is too talented to have been brought back onto GH and into Guza's horrific catastrophy.

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    I loved Greg Vaughn and was so so upset when I found out he was fired. I was dead-set against JJ coming on the show, but after a couple of months, he's become one of my favorite guys on the show (Along with Jason, Patrick, Ethan, and Dante). He's a brilliant actor with a wide range of emotions. I think he's doing great and I wouldn't trade him for Greg Vaughn (I still love him though). I LOVE JJ. :)

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    a million. i do no longer in all probability comprehend. He replaced into super as a newborn, there's no denying that, even yet it would not recommend he'd be the comparable as an person. Plus the character has gone with the aid of an excellent form of differences, so the actor would not unavoidably be suited for the area anymore whether it fairly is a character that he originated. in basic terms look at Laura Wright and Sarah Brown onscreen mutually and how diverse the character of Carly is now from whilst SB performed her. 2. See above. i would not prefer him returned on as every person different than fortunate, with the aid of fact as much as i admire Sarah Brown's Claudia the writers have a tendency to pass overboard with the *winkwinknudgenudge* characterization to remind us that the actress used to play Carly -- see Claudia's unexpected bigotry in the direction of HIV, a prejudice generally voiced by using Carly, and her inexplicable allure to Sonny. 3. I do love that project, different than i do no longer in all probability purchase GV's fortunate as being clever adequate to intentionally fool all and sundry. i might tweak it so as that he's unquestionably been brainwashed by using Helena to actual have faith that he's fortunate Spencer. That way whilst the actual fortunate got here returned, the fake one might nevertheless be a attainable character. we would see him attempting to rebuild his existence, determining the place he in superb condition with Elizabeth and the lads that are for all intents and purposes his sons, whilst she's attempting to determine how she feels approximately the two her ex-husband and the guy she thought she'd married.

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    I think Lucky is lucky to have a wait before all the t/d everyone has a right to there opinion.......and mine is.....I think this guy is a pretty good actor just not convincing to me as a cop, no way I don't buy it, not even playing a doctor I wouldn't no where he would be cast that it would be believable....and the first time he read the riot act to Elizabeth ok good acting.....but yesterday it was the same thing tears in his eyes and yelling again PLEASE if he didn't care about her he would give it up...enough all ready... you me to tell me every time he sees her he is going to have a break down...not to stable for someone on the police force walking around carrying a gun.

    Instead of carrying a gun he should be carrying a box of kleenex


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