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HOW do I get rid of spots!?

I keep getting spots, I use a face mask everyday, wash my face every day and use neutrogena stuff. But it does NOTHING! I have even given up wearing make up, and that was hard to do because Im very self concious about the spots being visible.

It isn't acne, just spots, they arnet everywhere but I just don't want ANY not even 1. I am 14 and a girl so I understand they could be hormonal spots. Still are there any really good solutions?


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    Unfortunatly, there is no way to garuntee NO spots ever however there are a few things you can do.

    FIRSTLY and most importantly eat well and drink at least 2 litres of water a day - water flushes out impurities which can cause pimples.

    Stop using a face mask everyday - this can actual aid in oil prodction by drawing out impurities which cause pimples! Instead of neutogena switch to a gentle face cleanser like cetaphil which is great for gently cleaning but not over drying the skin.

    As for the spots, invest in something like a tinted benzyl peroxide cream (like oxy etc) this will hide your pimples but also dry them out which means they wont last for as long.

    If you squeeze your pimples stop doing this also - when you get out of the shower (and your pores are naturally more open) gently wipe a wash cloth over any spots that have any pus in them and you will not have the scarring that comes with squeezing.

    If you find that the redness of your spots is extreme, placing an ice cub on them for a bit can lessen redness.

    Good luck!

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    Yes, my dear friend, I understood your problem, I know it may be hormonal problem as your age but it is common problem. You cant avoid this problem only by using the face mask and washing face you also have to care about your food also. Get the vitamins like vitamin E and Vitamin C. My younger daughter had the same problem when she was 15 and I was worried about her.So I read one article in the blog about the Dermaxin and I used it for my daughter and you can't belive, It worked really well. Her skin was became spotless, shining and very clear.

    Source(s): So, I really want to solve your problem by suggesting about this.......
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    Duac once daily gel worked really well for me. It takes about 2months tho. It got rid of my acne on my cheeks and nose. Still using it on my forehead though. I was prescribed to it from my gp, but i think you could still buy it online. It looks like this:

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