Buying an Omega watch - 20pts!

I am planning to buy an Omega watch, either a Speedmaster or Seamaster. Currently wearing a Rolex Submariner so don't want anything that looks too similar... I also want one that has a better resell value. Oh and also I am not after any special editions.

All suggestions welcome but please answer with your own knowledge / experience, and please, don't just copy and paste the whole history of Omega from Wikipedia!

Thank you very much in advance! ;)


Thanks mlmorpyramid thats really helpful!

I am interested in this one do you know how much it is in HK off your head?

Update 2:

20-40% off? u mean a brand new one from an official retailer? if so thats really amazing!

still struggling to decide what to get! =P

Update 3:

hehe am not too good at haggling but for 10% its worth a try!! thanks again.

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  • John
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    If you care about resale value, Speedmaster may hold the value better than Seamaster as more people put Speedmaster as the "entry level luxury watch" on their wish list

    If I were wearing a Submariner and want something different, I will lean toward the Speedmaster as most if not all Speedmaster is Chrono. Most Seamasters have a rotating bezel just like the Submariners. I like watches with more "functions" (personally I have a color-face Speedmaster which is the first "luxury watch" I bought since I started working and got it as a gift for myself more than 10 years ago), so I will pick the Speedmaster's Chrono design over the Seamaster.

    But the Seamaster NZL-32 Chrono sure looks nice. I will put it on my wish list also behind two Grand Seikos and the IWC Top Gun double chrono :)

    2010-02-22 22:46:27 補充:

    This is the one with co-axial. I believe the list price is at mid-40 HK$, but you can easily get 20% if not 40% off of it.

    2010-02-23 00:07:42 補充:

    Yes. The hardest to get is Rolex and Panerai, which is around 8%. Grand Seiko is 15% AT LEAST. Cartier between 10~15%. IWC around 22% at most. Don't be a mainland-Chinese and pay list-price for a watch at authorized dealer in Hong Kong!

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