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急需!有冇peter pan英文book report15點

when???? where???? characters(who)??? plot(what happens)???+人物介紹

唔使太詳細 好似一個mind-map就得


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    Long time ago Peter Pan flied to a nusery from Neverland, straight into the children’s bedroom. He has lost his shadow, and wanted Wendy, the eldest of Mr and Mrs Darling’s children to fix it for him, which she did with a needle and thread.

    Later they went back to Neverland. To enable them to fly, Wendy

    and her two brothers needed plenty of help from Tinkerbell, a fairy with

    her own problems. Not only are all fairies under threat because when

    someone said they didn’t believe in fairies, they dropped down dead, but

    Tinkerbell had an ownership problem about Peter. He’s hers, not

    Wendy’s, and it was only after considerable persuasion didi she agreed to

    help at all.

    Wendy met the Lost Boys, the Red Indians, and the Mermaids. There

    were plenty of adventures to be had in Neverland, including the rescue of

    Tiger Lily, bringing Tinkerbell back to life by clapping for her and the

    defeat of that most evil of villains, Captain Hook and his gang of pirates.

    Peter still didi not want to grow up. He had distant memories of his

    mother but when he went to see her, another boy had taken his place.

    Wendy and her brothers thought differently. They felt homesick for their

    parents and Nana, and with the mixed sadness of all departures they at last returned, to a loving and welcoming family reunion.

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