My boyfriend wants me to give him a bj, but i'm scared i'll be bad. any help on how to do it?!?!?

so me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost a month and i had sex with him last week for my first time but now he wants me to give him a bj for sometimes when we don't have sex. and i would be totally fine with that only... i have never done it before. and i know it sounds stupid but i went from making out stage straight to sex stage nothing in the middle. and we told each other we loved each other for the first time tonight before we got on the topic and i told him i was scared to do it cuz i didn't want to be bad and i don't know how to do it. he said we love each other so its okay if you cant do it right. but when i got to it i chickened out and now he's saying he wants to break up with me cuz he's sick of waiting. i need help on how to to it.. has much help as possible please?! i would hugely appreciate it.. i don't want to loss him :(

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  • 10 years ago
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    Oh come on! He's going break up with you because you're not ready to indulge in all those sexual activities? Leave him alone. Don't let him treat you like that. You can do better. And when you are mature enough and in a loving relationship, I'm sure if you don't know how to do something, your man will teach you. It's just that simple. Ditch him and find a guy who is will to take things slow and get to know you. Good Luck. :)

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    it's sad that he will dump you if you don't but let me tell you this.Been there.

    So if don't really want to loose him then go for it. it's a personal question that people will joke around or give you a hard time about. But if it's serious then here go's.......make sure he is clean trust me have him take a shower you guys can sud each other don't want to give him a bj after gym class....then neither of you will like it. Just only go down as far as your mouth will let you will gag every-now and then practice your gag reflex with your fingers or tooth what sounds to be your age much gagging should not come into play yet and he don't know what good is.

    you can't really screw up a Bj unless your teeth scratch him and that don't happen much so don't even worry about it. Rub his two balls as you give the bj and focus on the the tip ....put it in nice and slow don't go all the way down the first time you put it in your mouth work on it like a massage a little further down each time so you can get used to it and it keeps him distracted. very distracted......keep your mouth moist. Most of the fluids from the beginning are mostly yours anyways...if you taste something it could be pre *** don't worry it's not that bad...and only means you have him turned on. Work your way down you will have to use your hands if you have never done it before to hold it up that's ok too.....your new time will progress and you will get better. Suck hard I know that sounds very honest but that's what you want here an honest answer pressure is good....why do you think they like it it feels good...if they don't feel it then whats' the point. The end the grand finale is something you two need to talk about and might be another question for later. Good luck girl here if u need me ps: If you are willing and just nervous relax it's no big deal now if your morals are saying something otherwise then don't do it...don't let any guy think you should ever have to do anything that your mind body and soul is telling no it's not right...because it's not.

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    Look I no you want help but think about something for just 1 minute please. If he is gonna dump you just because of a sex act what kind of love is that? Now i no you dont wanna hear that from me but you should fire his butt because he has used you like a old dirty rag. I was more than willing to help you out and give you all the details you needed until you said the part about dumping you just because you wouldn't. You can stay blind all you want but your dude doesn't love you at all. And if you think I'm hating on you why would I. I don't no you or him I have nothing to gain what so ever . I'm just telling you as will other people that you are being used real real poorly. He knows you love him so his little threat can work on you. But the fact is he just wants to turn you into his little sex puppet so he can brag about how stupid in love u are to his home boyz. If you're gonna have sex with a guy at least make sure he does actually really care about you.

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    10 years ago

    What a loser. Never go for a whiner. Lose him and your not losing much. You learn, other than by experience, by having him do you and when you realize what instructions he gets and doesn't get what he means when you are doing him and he gives you directions.

    But dump this guy, work on being independent and self-assured until you meet a better kind of man.

    And don't let anyone talk you out of using a condom till you know that he's had sex with nobody but you for the last three years. Damn whiners!

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  • 10 years ago


    a month is a REALLY young relationship!

    I waited 3 months JUST to kiss my bf on the lips and 11 months for oral ( for both of us) I'm 20 now still have not gone all the way. ( almost 2 years dating)

    if you can have sex before giving a bj something is wrong with you ( unless you just think that thing is gross).

    GO with your gut feeling over all. tell him honestly how you feel ( if he really truly loves you he will understand)

    You need to respect yourself and want a man who loves you for you and if he leave because of that silly nonsense then you deserve better.

    but i think he is just using you since your being somewhat easy ( better than a prostitute at least)

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  • c c
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    10 years ago

    the old " we love each other enough" trick.. he'll say anything to get the BJ. If you told him you'd only do that if he was gay, he'd be gay.... Guys will say and do anything for a BJ. Don't believe his crap.. You are too young anyways, gonna wind up pregnant. He will not be there for you. After he gets his sex and bj's from you, won't be long, then he's gone. You're too easy for him.

  • 10 years ago

    Break up with him because that loser is just using you for sex. You're better than that!!!!!!!! I know because you care enough about someone you love to want to do your best, even if it means asking strangers. Your good heart would be wasted on a piece of trash like him.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Start out real slow like from the tip down to the base and just suck it lol. You'll go with the flow once you get started.

    EDIT: I didn't see that he'd break up with you for not doing it. Do not do it and dump that pig, he's probably crawling with STDs anyway.

  • 10 years ago

    First if he says he will leave you if you don't do it then that's not cool. And is he already goin down on u. honestly he seems to b the one acting like a jerk. But if you feeel u must do this to keep him. Its easy to do. Jus b careful of your teeth. Don't kno if you 2 are using condoms but I would put one on for that.

  • Ronae
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    10 years ago

    There is no such thing as a bad ********. Guys are happy to get any type of oral stimulation and if they're picky about how its done then they aren't worth it.

    On a separate note, anyone threatening to leave due to their impatience over sex is not worth dating. You should leave him.

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