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Would this be a good battle royal?

This would be for the #1 Contendership of the Intercontinental Championship.

Tyson Kidd

David Hart Smith



Gregory Helms (part of SES)

Luke Gallows

CM Punk

Joey Mercury (part of SES)

Dolph Ziggler

Matt Hardy


Mike Knox

John Morrison

Shelton Benjamin

Charlie Haas


Yoshi Tatsu

William Regal

Ezekiel Jackson

The Great Khali

Pick the winners and how they're eliminated.


My eliminations:

The Great Khali by Everybody

Matt Hardy by Joey Mercury and Luke Gallows

Goldust by CM Punk

Yoshi Tatsu by CM Punk

Ezekiel Jackson by Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas

R-Truth by Gregory Helms and Joey Mercury

Mike Knox by John Morrison

Dolph Ziggler by Benjamin and Haas

William Regal by CM Punk

Joey Mercury by John Morrison

JTG by Luke Gallows

Shelton Benjamin by CM Punk

Charlie Haas by CM Punk

Luke Gallows by John Morrison

CM Punk by Gregory Helms (accidentally)

Gregory Helms by John Morrison

WINNER: John Morrison

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    Seems nice.

    Everyone Eliminates The Great Khali

    JTG Eliminates Tyson Kidd

    David Heart smith Eliminates JTG

    Shad Eliminates Dave Heart Smith

    CM Punk and Gallows Eliminates Shad

    Ezekial Jackson Eliminates Charlie Has

    William Regal and Ezekial Jackson Eliminates Goldust

    Yoshi Tatsu Eliminates Joey Mercury

    CM Punk and Gallows Eliminates Matt Hardy

    Yoshi Tatsu and Shelton Benjamin Eliminate Regal and Ezekiel Jackson

    CM Punk and Luke Gallows Eliminate Yoshi Tatsu and Shelton Benjamin

    Dolph Ziggler Eliminates Greggory Helms

    Morrison Eliminates Ziggler

    Its Down to Morrison, R Truth and Punk, Gallows

    CM Punk Eliminates R Truth

    John Morrison Eliminates Gallows

    CM Punk Clothesline Morrison out of the Ring

    Winner CM Punk

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    Helms and Mercury in the SES? WTF? And Rey Mysterio isn't the match?

    anyway here is how I would make the match (#1 being the fist person to be eliminated)

    #1 JTG

    #2 Goldust

    #3 The Great Kahli

    #4 Mike Knox

    #5 William Regal

    #6 Charlie Haas

    #7 R Truth

    #8 DH Smith

    #9 Shad

    #10 Gregory Helms

    #11 Dolph Ziggler

    #12 Luke Gallows

    #13 Yoshi Tatsu

    #14 Ezekiel Jackson

    #15 Tyson Kidd

    #16 Shelton Benjamin

    #17 Matt Hardy

    #18 CM Punk

    Then it;s Murcury and Morrison left high intensity and everyone think Morrison will in but...

    #19 John Morrison

    And the shocking winner is JOEY MURCURY


  • 10 years ago

    Tyson Kidd eliminated by Shad

    JTG eliminated by CM Punk

    Matt Hardy eliminated by R-Truth

    Yoshi Tatsu eliminated by Goldust

    Goldust eliminated by R-Truth

    Ezekiel Jackson eliminate by Khali

    William Ragl eliminated by Shad

    Shad eliminated by Khali

    Khali eliminated by Luke Gallows

    Dolph Ziggler eliminated by Luke Gallows

    Luke Gallows eliminated by R-Truth

    Mike Knox eliminated by Shelton Benjamin

    Shelton Benjamin eliminated by Joey Mercury

    David Hart Smith eliminated by Joey Mercury

    John Morrison eliminated by R-Truth

    Charlie Haas eliminated by Joey Mercury

    Joey Mercury eliminated by CM Punk

    CM Punk eliminated by R-Truth

    Gregory Helms eliminated by R-Truth

    Winner: R-Truth

  • 4 years ago

    While Edge seems like a good choice because of his style of fighting, he isn't the only person in the ring that would think like that. Along with Edge is Jerry The King Lawler and Owen Heart. They would probably all be thinking the same thing and get eliminated together. Chances are either HHH, Bret Hart, or Kurt Angle would win. I'd put my money on HHH though, sledge hammer and being the bosses son in law would come in handy.

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  • 10 years ago

    CM Punk, Luke Gallows, R-truth and Khali are left in the ring. The others are all eliminated by Khali and Gallows. CM Punk and Luke Gallows fights against Khali. Then Khali choked Punk and Gallows and throwed them out of the ring. Then R-Truth is waiting at thw bcak of Khali and made a flying kick.

    Winner: R-Truth

  • 10 years ago

    Joey Mercury, John Morrison and R-Truth will be the 3 left in the ring. Joey Mercury and John Morrison fights against each other then R-truth made a power clothesline on both of them that made them eliminated.

    Winner: R-Truth

  • 10 years ago

    CM Punk, Luke Gallows, Shad, JTG and R-Truth are the only person left in the ring. CM Punk eliminated JTG. Then Shad eliminated CM Punk. Luke Gallows eliminated Shad. Then R-Truth kicked Luke Gallows and R-Truth wins.

  • 10 years ago

    The Hart Dynasty, Shad Cymetyme and R-Truth are left in the ring. Shad made a power clothesline on both of the Hart Dynasty that made them eliminated. R-truth made a flying kick on JTG that eliminated him. Now its down to Sahd vs. R-truth. Shad will try to make a power clothesline but R-Truth escaped and made a flying kick that made Shad eliminated.

    Winner: R-Truth

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    10 years ago

    Luke Gallows, R-Truth and Khali are left in the ring. Khali made a power clothesline on Gallows then Gallows hold on Khali so they both fall out of the ring.

    Winner : R-Truth

  • 10 years ago

    John Morrison and Joey Mecury are the last 2 left. Morrison wins when Mecury is setting up for the clothesline to eliminate Morrison, Morrison wins by Mercury missing the clothesline and eliminates himself.

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