How do Muslim people ever fall in love if their parents arrange marriage for them?

BTW, I can only avoid my Muslim momma for so long... I'm sure any year now that lady's gonna bring it up in a random convo, ugh...

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  • J.A
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    1 decade ago
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    Lets see...

    FIRST of all not all muslims have arranged marriages this is done depending by their own CULTURE. Islam just orders us to have nikah for the marriage. Falling in love before marriage is halal.

    SECONDLY how do you know whether or not the actually person WANTS to be arranged a marriage. Some people trust their parents enough to pick a suitable partner for them and not let lust get in the way of the marriage.

    THIRDLY if you don't want an arranged marriage speak to your mum about it and don't let her control your life! Be an adult. Take control of your own life.

    Love isn't lust. Remember that.

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  • 4 years ago

    Arranged Marriages aren't just practised by Muslims. It was racist of you to single out a specific group. Arranged marriages are predominant in the world and *gasp* a norm. It was practised in the West and still is. Just because you don't understand the way a community or civilisation lives, does not make them inferior or weird, I'm sure any real anthropologist will tell you. As for Islam, if a male or female is forced to marry someone, the marriage is annulled. According to Islam they aren't counted as Husband and Wife unless both parties are WILLING. Simple as. As with your friend there are two things you shouldn't get confused like many do: 1.His religion. In Islam, he has full right to tell his parents he won't get married by force. 2. His culture. In many cultures, one has to obey the parents even if they're wrong. Which is wrong. Also, the partners are allowed and encouraged to meet and talk before marriage. But not beyond that. In Islam, you CHOSE your partner BUT don't do anything sexual with them UNTIL marriage. That is what an arranged marriage is supposed to be. Force marriages are wrong, not arranged marriages. Like one Bollywood star said: I want to love the person I'm arranged to marry. And be arranged to marry the one I love.

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  • Vampie
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    1 decade ago

    Arranged marriage isnt forced marriage.

    Typically, both potential partners get to have an input and get a chance to interact and have the final say on whether or not they will go through with it.

    I am originally from Pakistan and my parents and pretty much all of my aunts and uncles who are from the previous generation were married to partners that were brought to them by their parents.

    My parents have been married for almost 35 years and while they knew each other since adolesence (families were friends) they were not in a relationship before marriage.

    Now however they are very much in love which has developed over time and is very strong.

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  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    I suppose some of them don't fall in love and some of them develop love for their spouse over time. Not all Muslims have arranged marriages.

    If you're worried, just refuse. Your parents can't drag you kicking and screaming to a wedding. Ultimately YOU have the right to say no.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Just because we are Muslim, it doesnt mean there is an appointment made and both sides parents have a talk and marriage is done. No!

    The spouses have a right to see each other's faces and get to know each other, to see if they are compatible etc... but this has to be done in front of both sides mahrams and not alone like a date.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Marriage is a matter of naseeb: something that Allah decided for each of us before we were born. You don't have to worry about this situation, because whoever your parents choose, and you actually marry, will be the person Allah has selected.

    "Arranged" marriages, by the way, are statistically much more stable than marriages based on casual romances. Allah, who knows everything, past, present, and future, knows what's best for us, better than we can possibly know ourselves.

    Also, it's really nice to get married and know that your spouse is not comparing you with anyone!

    Source(s): Islamic marriage
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  • 1 decade ago

    Fake love is based on what you see with the eyes at first, in all it's excitement, and fades as quickly as a withered flower.

    True love develops over time and only grows stronger with age, like sweet-tasting wine.

    You can decide which one you want... the briefly exhilirating bottlerocket... or the deeply-moving fireworks show in it's entirety.


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I got married through an arranged marriage.. His father and my father spoke about it and agreed ''if they agree we agree'' kind of thing... so basically they put it in our hands. I got to know my husband (of course we never sat alone or anything but we were able to communicate and such) and I can say... at some point you start to love a person not based on looks or anything but on trust and such.. its hard to explain really.

    Source(s): me
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  • 1 decade ago

    Im sure a person can grow to love their spouse.

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  • Love comes after marriage :)


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