Atheists, can you answer this question?

Atheists, if you are so sure that your god-less views of the world are correct, why do you feel the need to come to a "religion and spirituality" forum and insult those that are religious?

I've seen some of the dumber atheists claim that Christians are "forcing" Christianity on them. So, this part of the question is only for the dumb atheists that would say that. If you are a "smart" atheist and have never made such a stupid claim, skip this part of the question. In what ways are Christians "forcing" you to believe their religion?


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It's funny how an atheist will complain that a Christian comes to their house to talk to them about Christianity, but an atheist (who claims to have no religion) comes to a religious forum to talk about atheism.

To neil s- Yes, beliefs do lead to behavior. This is why an atheist comes to a religious forum. Because of the belief that he (the atheist) is smarter than the religous people and the need to show the relgious how "stupid" they are. As for the criminal acts done in the name of a "god" or in the name of no god, those acts should be handled as crimes committed by an individual, not used to eliminate or insult the entire religion.

To Gluon- I believe in a creator God because I'm too intelligent to believe that single celled organisms just "popped" into existence on their own. And I am certainly not deluded enough to believe that complex biological systems can create themselves. So, my "excuse" is that I'm a too smart to be swayed by the joke of evolution.

Update 2:

To Donna- No one see's an intelligent response as "an attack." It's the arrogant, self-righteous tones and the clear insults that atheists tend to use that I'm talking about.

To 4NICK8- Thank you for recognizing that you are one of the "dumb atheists" I was talking about! And, sorry to disappoint you, but you really don't have the power to make me angry. Thanks for your answer!

To anotherone- The reason questions are directed to atheists is because you are here. You've got your order backwards. Also, Christians do try and convert other religions, just like other religions try and convert Christians. However, atheism is the only thing you see as trying to be converted because that's your view. Also, atheists generally take the stance of being smart and educated, which can cause a Christian to waiver because the fight is viewed as "religion against science." When, in reality, science can prove Christianity.

Update 3:

To Mike K- You are mistaken about what Christians have opposed. It was a Christian northern government that tried to outlaw slavery. Abraham Lincoln was also a Christian. Christians do not oppose inter-racial marriage. Noah was a Jew married to a black woman. A lot of the civil rights leaders, MLK Jr, Lincoln, and most of congress that passed the anti-segregation laws were Christian. Fact is, in every argument that you say "Christians opposed," the reality is that there were Christians and atheists on both sides of the arguments. Something else that you are over-looking is that our system of laws are based on Christian principles. Don't steal, don't murder, respect others... all Biblical principles. Our judicial system is also Biblical, based on the laws of Leviticus. So, in reality, it's really not fair to say Christians oppose these things when most of them were supported or started by Christians.

Update 4:

to Gimp- I also prefer non-fiction. This is why I have decided that the fairy-tale that is evolution. You see, I'm too smart to believe that a single-celled organism, which consists of more than 2 billion individual parts and a DNA strand with more than 3 million base pairs can just create itself the way evolution teaches. I'm too smart to think that these little unintelligent single-celled organisms can design and create extremely complex biological systems like sight, musclular movement, and reproduction. And, no, I don't think you are "less than human." That's a misconception you must have about Christians. Fact is, I see you as perfectly human, just like me. We are all flawed and subject to mistakes. An atheist's mistake is believing that he/she is too smart to believe in God. Another atheist mistake is dismissing any scientific evidence that opposes evolution, thinking that, somehow, science and religion are in conflict, when in fact, they are not.

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  • Mike K
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    10 years ago
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    I'm going to actually answer your questions.

    1) Why do we come here? Several reasons I imagine. It's fun, amusing and interesting, we're bored at work, we like to laugh at horrible arguments, we might learn something new, or we might consider it entirely important to challenge ridiculous bronze age concepts and encourage critical thinking. Everybody's different, so I'm sure there are several motivations.

    Me? I like to correct misconceptions and misguided beliefs about atheists and science. And I prefer to do this in a respectful, helpful tone. Imagine if everyone on here was always spouting off absurdities like "nonbelievers don't have morals" and nobody was here to stand up to it?

    2) It's not forcing christian religion so much as forcing christian beliefs.

    Christian legislators are (and have been since the 1950s) trying to codify their beliefs into law. The most recent and obvious example is the opposition to gay marriage, when neurology confirmed decades ago that in most cases it's not a choice and there are discernible differences in brain physiology and structure among gay people... Amusingly, most of the arguments against gay marriage are the exact same used by Christians opposed to "interracial marriage."

    There are movements to promote abstinence only education (Which has never worked in our history), to completely ban all abortions (even if the life of the mother is at stake), to teach "intelligent design" as science (when it's nowhere close to the science method), to have mandatory christian prayer in schools (what about hindu/jewish/buddhist kids?), have the ten commandments in courthouses (even though several commandments violate our bill of rights), and so on... Nevermind history itself... just in America, christians have opposed freeing the slaves, women's suffrage, interracial marriage, civil rights, contraceptives, and so on.

    Thought experiment to illustrate the point: Imagine if you're christian but the majority of the US congress was overwhelmingly Jehova's Witness. Let's say they were trying to pass legislation to ban Christmas and completely ban surgical life saving techniques like organ transplants and blood transfusions!! Their religion teaches them that blood transfusions are evil... Would you then think they are trying to force their beliefs on you?

    By your statements above. You would be a "dumb christian" for thinking JWs were forcing their beliefs on you by legislating a ban on surgical techniques and medicine... You wouldn't be "dumb," you'd be right... thing is, we are too.

  • 10 years ago

    Many atheists come here to make fun because they're bored and they want something to do. You can agree or disagree with their sentiments, but it is what it is.

    I do want to say that a large number of us do not come on the forums with the specific intention of "insulting those that are religious". When we are directly asked questions that we find foolish or necessitating a faith that we don't have in as a premise (such as something like "How can you say that god doesn't exist when the bible is so clear about it?"), then yes, we will call the questions what they are: idiotic.

    Also, I'm glad to see that the world for you is so clearly black and white that you can distinguish "dumb atheists" from "smart atheists". How nice for you. In any case, the missionary aspect of Christianity or Christian proselytizing is more or less a form of "forcing" religion on others (think of the recent example where Brit Hume urged Tiger Woods to accept Jesus Christ as his savior, as Christianity is, in Mr. Hume's mind, better able to help Tiger than is Buddhism)

  • 10 years ago

    IF you haven't noticed, as evident by your question, a large portion of questions here in R&S are directed at atheist even though we make up a small % of the population.

    What i find amusing is that christians here try to convert atheist to christianity by trying to prove our beliefs to be illogical and wrong. Yet, they rarely try to push their religion on other religious people here.

    If you would like a short and simple answer to your first question, it's because i can.... and this is probably the most entertaining Q&A in Y!A.

    I almost never see a christian trying to prove a muslim or a jew wrong. However, they will constantly try to prove an atheist wrong. Wouldn't you assume that is because they are trying to convert the atheist into their line of thinking?

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I will leave the question of my intelligence to my betters to judge.

    As to why I come here it is for entertainment and enjoyment.

    As to what extent Christians are "forcing" me to believe in their religion, I would have to redirect the question a bit.

    (Keeping in mind that I am a militant atheist, not a "lets all get along" atheist... Both exist in relatively equal numbers, but the militants are far more public and loud. Militant atheists want to end religious influences in public life. Some extremely militant atheists want to end religious influences in private life too. I am not one of those. "Let's all get along" atheists prefer not to have religious influences in their own life and would like less religious influence in public life, but they are not concerned about ending it all)

    Back to your question...

    I don't think "belief" is the point with regard to "force" and religion. I object any time religion is used as a bases for some action in public life or that it is in any way equal to or superior to the modern ways of explaining things or the way things should be. In particular I rejection the notion that religious belief is in any way the equivalent to scientific knowledge. Religion belongs in philosophy class, not science class. Just because some religious nut believes something does not make it "fact" or "true" in any modern sense.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Good question. :D Well... I guess I just like to think and talk about this kinda religious stuff. And part of the reason somebody may think that on here are the questions like: "Atheists, why don't you listen to your heart?" But those are rare. Outside Yahoo answers it's all over the place. Knocking on our doors to try and convert us. Beating us across the head with the metaphorical cross that is 'hell'. That kinda stuff, y'know? But on Yahoo answers it's very minimal and anybody offended by it is a little touchy.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    1. I'm here because I want to make fun of people that ask questions like this. Thanks for the invite.

    2. I never said I was sure- in fact I said "I don't know, and neither do you."

    3. I don't "insult" religious people, I insult indignant people. I ridicule religion- if you're so hypersensitive that this bothers you then that's your problem, not mine.

    4. Sodomy laws, blocking gay rights, blocking women's rights, and tampering with science education IS forcing Christianity on people, dumdum- you'll need a better argument if you want anyone to listen.

    5. You guys are SOOOO cute when you're angry.

  • neil s
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    10 years ago

    Beliefs lead to behavior. Theism is notoriously responsible for very harmful behavior. As an example, take the willingness of several men to fly jests into the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001, based on nothing but their faith. Why would any rational person not criticize that?

  • 10 years ago

    Nobody can force me to believe in that which I do not believe.

    Fundamentalist christians in my country do however try to force other people to live according to their church's interpretation of bible verses. They do come to my house and attempt to recruit me, they do recieve money from the government when they are not supposed to, they have their little fingers in every governmental lobby I care about. They make their religious beliefs my problem by meddling in areas like my children's education and state marriage and adoption laws. If they'd keep it in church, I'd ignore them entirely.

    This isn't the christianity forum anyway. It's not your special, just for discussing jesus forum. It is the public internet and we atheists have valid opinions on topics such as religions and spirituality, in part because the actions of believers frequently affect our lives in negative ways.

    Oh and thanks for the *drink* It's almost happy hour here anyway, might as well start now!

  • 10 years ago

    I've answered this question before but it seems you guys only write, never read. Your precious question is in "Society & Culture" as well as "R & S". I have found them on the home page as well.

    So you see, atheists can't avoid the religious nuts regardless of what we do...

    BTW, you are welcome to your fairy-tales but I prefer non-fiction. Sadly, in your eyes, that preference makes me something less than human.



  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Answer me this; the people that came up with Xianistic belief had an excuse; there were no schools 6000 years ago, what's your excuse?

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