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BA in Marketing - Master of Arts in Teaching = Will you help me?

Ok. So right now I have a BA in Marketing. I have decided I want to be a teacher.

If I get a Master of Arts in Teaching (elementary ed), can I teach at any school in the states?

Also, will I be offered a higher salary than those teachers who have an actual BA in Education but no masters?

Have any of you taken an MAT program and how did you like it?


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    Elementary requires more of a liberal arts background because you teach several subjects. It will take you longer to complete the elementary teacher certification than the single subject certification.

    As for the salary rating, most districts pay by unit bands. Example: for every set of 15 semester units of approved courses you get a pay increase (see the 3rd link below). The M.A. or M.S. works as a dual purpose if it is an approved subject area. Your units and the degree will be reviewed and your pay along with experience will be rated for salary purposes. Even volunteer work and social science work experience is often counted towards salary reviews.

    Rating in (this is what teachers refer to as having transcripts evaluated for optimal pay) is a complicated formula. Once you understand it, you will have the tools to achieve maximum pay with continuing education.

    As for the MAT program, you will have more resources available to complete your assignments if you teach while studying. You can apply what you are learning to your classroom environment. I will admit it is a lot of work and can be overwhelming if you are not committed.

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