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where would i fine how much fines for HOT CHECKS IN HARRIS COUNTY?

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    I assume you are talking about Harris County, Texas. The county does not have a law about bad checks, the State of Texas does. Here is a link to the law:

    Note that the offense is either a Class C or B Misdemeanor. If a Class C, there is no jail time and the fine can not exceed $500. That would be in addition to whatever restitution you would have to make. If a Class B (this is applied if the bad check was for child support), you can be jailed for up to 180 days AND/OR fined nor more than $2,000. Ouch!

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    Harris County - Constable Precinct 2 Gary L. Freeman - Hot Check ...

    Beware of starter checks with low numbers 100-200. 90% of all hot checks are written ... Harris County assumes no liability for damages incurred directly or

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    Call the county clerk at the court house and ask for the bogus check division.

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