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the case of the ghostwriter by james preller


介紹一下each chapter既內容(200words)



or 翻譯一下書本內容給我thx//

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    (One) Mila came to Jones house and found he was sicked with a cold.

    (Two) Everyone was talking about the mystery author.

    (Three) Stringbean and other kids asked for Jigsaw's help.

    (Four) Earl told Stringbean that R. V. King wasn't a real person and Stringbean believed it.

    (Five) Ms Gleson, the class teacher would like the children to write stories about their families.

    (Six) Jigsaw urged Mila to remind her father getting books to solve their puzzles.

    (Seven) Jigsaw asked her father why his middle name Andrew was named after his uncle.

    (Eight) Mila and Jigsaw paid a visit to the house of R. V. King.

    (Nine) They found that the R. V. King was actually a female author called Serena Barnett.

    (Ten) Sereba explained that a ghostwriter is just an expression . It doesn't mean there's really a ghost involved.

    (Eleven) With the help of his mother using a computer, Jigsaw started to write his own story with a title called Andrew's Bad Day.

    (Twelve) The students and their parents were celebrating in the Author's tea party. All their books were bound and displayed on the table.In stead of having a famous author coming, it was a room full of authors!!

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