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Kai asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago



in turn

over and over

at least

only until

even if

make a point of

lose sight of

make room for

in fact

try on

bring up

in any case

tie up

make room

in advance

ahead of the time

as sooner the better

see into

watch for

look over

even though

now that

in case

fill out

tear out

make up

hand in

carry out

take over

result in

count on

put out

turn down

in question

in that case

back down from

keep track of

have an eye on

run its course

on the rise

in the long run

come cross

in a sense

turn over

by way of

hold over

so that

save her breath

pass the buck

cross her mind

keep up with

come down to

whether or not

not until




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    in turn : The circle in turn is matted by a square yellow background.

    over and over : I''ve warned you over and over again not to do that.

    at least;Computer viruses are at the very least annoying and often actually destructive.

    only until:It was only until recently that I found the manuscript.

    even if :Even if you give me one million dollars, I won't do it

    make a point of :He's made the characters believable.

    lose sight of :In the heat of the argument we mustn't lose sight of our main purpose.

    make room for :Make room for your own mudroom

    in fact:In fact, I think you're right.

    try on :She tried on her new dress.

    bring up :Two women and a man came into the room -- the man brought up the rear.

    in any case:In any case you must arrive there on time.

    tie up :It's unwise to tie up all your capital in one enterprise.

    make room :Can you make room for me?

    in advance:Thanks in advance.

    ahead of the time : NO

    as sooner the better: NO

    see into:The solicitors will see into your claim to the property.

    watch for :Please keep the watch for me while I go swimming.

    look over :The Trojans looked out over the city walls.

    even though :Even though you do not like it, you must do it.

    now that :You ought to have a good rest now that you've finished the work.

    in case :Let's keep it in memory will remain safe in case it's not a good thing.

    fill out :Her cheeks have filled out.

    tear out :NO

    make up :We need $50 to make up the sum required.

    hand in :The little boy walked hand in hand with his mother.

    carry out :She had finally carried out her promise to quit smoking.

    take over :Has the party been taken over by extremists?

    result in :Their dispute resulted in war.

    count on :You can count on me to lend a hand.

    put out :It's dangerous to put out your hand now.

    turn down :Please turn down the radio for me.


    2010-02-11 15:55:40 補充:

    in question :The woman in question is sitting over there.

    in that case:In that case you'll have to clear yourself.

    back down from :NO

    keep track of :Keep track of the time you actually travel.

    have an eye on :He was told to have an eye to when the oil ran out.

    2010-02-11 15:56:36 補充:

    holdover:He has a tremendous hold over his younger brother.

    so that :I run fast so that I may catch the train.

    save her breath :NO

    pass the buck :Don't pass the buck to me.

    cross her mind :NO

    2010-02-11 15:57:07 補充:

    keep up with :If we can keep up this speed, we should arrive there in about

    two hours.

    come down to :Come down to us we can't hear you upstairs.

    whether or not :Whether or not he stays, the result will be the same.

    not until:We didn't do the experiment until the old worker came.

    2010-02-11 15:57:17 補充:




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