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急 ! 洗手台標語中翻英 !

請問英文達人 洗手台標語要怎麼翻:

1. 用心洗手, 盆內清甩

2. 小心外漏,地面乾爽

3. 彈指神功彈入盆, 勿讓水滴落地痕

謝謝 我知道這有點難 贈二十點!


請不要用翻譯軟體騙點數 請高手幫幫忙!

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    1. 用心洗手, 盆內清甩

    2. 小心外漏,地面乾爽

    3. 彈指神功彈入盆, 勿讓水滴落地痕

    Wash hands attentively, and shake off the excess inside basin.

    Keep water from dropping, and keep dry our floor.

    Flick the water into sink, let no drops fall upon ground.

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  • Anonymous
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    1. Concentrate on washing your hands. Leave water drops in the sink.

    2. Mind water splashing out while washing. Keep the floor dry and clean.

    3. With a flick of a finger, drops go into the sink. Don't let the floor have water inks.

    雖然跟字面上不太一樣 但意思一樣

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    1. Washes the hands attentively, in the trough flings clear

    2. Careful outside leaks, the ground is dry and clear

    3. Snaps fingers the marvelous ability ball to enter the trough, do not let the water-drop landing mark

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