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My cat is really sick, I need help!!?

My cat is about 7 years old. He's male, and part-Siamese. He's about 6-7 years old. A few weeks ago one of my other cats scratched him in the eye, and since then he's gone downhill. He used to have black rings around his eyes, they've turned completely white. His eye color has changed. He is weak, and has lost a lot of weight. He also has a bad smell coming from him. It's a smell I have smelled on other cats before, but I do not know what it indicates. He sleeps constantly. He still eats, but not much. His personality is different too. He used to fight when picked up, and now he doesn't. He is much lighter than he used to be. I am taking him to the vet tomorrow, but I'm jusy worried. This all happened within 2 weeks and it came out of nowhere. Have you seen similar symptoms, and what are the possibilities? Please help! And thank you to all posters.


He also pees on the floor, purposely. he's NEVER done that before! He doesnt play anymore. I live in michigan so could the weather be it? I just feel like there is really something bad wrong with him. He has also stopped cleaning himself. (Which may account for the smell?)

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    Your cat probably has a bad infection from being scratched. It is possible that after having an open wound, some bacteria was deposited into his system, breaking down his immunity bit by bit. It's good that you are taking him to the vet, as he is much more knowledgeable about cats than anybody on Yahoo Answers. If all your cat has is an infection, he should just need some antibiotic medicine that allows him to heal. I can't really think of much else it could be, but then again, I'm not a professional. Good luck with your cat! I hope he is alright. :)

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    The smell could be from an infection or from a disease. An eye infection can be very serious; he could lose his vision or even his eye. All the symptoms you mentioned sound pretty bad when you put them all together. Good thing he's seeing the vet tomorrow. It may actually have little to do with the scratched eye. He might have developed a disease; he sounds quite ill. Some illnesses have a very distinct odor. Hopefully an antibiotic is all he needs! Just try to comfort him and reassure him while you're waiting for the vet appointment. He may not want to be held or cuddled, but you can keep him company and talk to him in a soft, soothing way. Poor kitty! Hope it all turns out okay...

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    The smell could be an abscess he needs to go to the vet pronto.

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    take him to the vet.

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