Criminal minds: When Do Spencer and JJ break up?

Does anyone know when they break up?

I know JJ has Will now and I know that towards the beginning they were kinda dating... but i don't know what time period they broke up around. Does anyone know??

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    1x04 "Plain Sight": Near the end of this episode, Gideon presents Reid with a pair of tickets to a Washington Redskins game, JJ's favorite football team. Upon encouragement, Reid asks JJ to the game and she apparently accepts. This "date" is never again mentioned as of yet. This was mentioned in the next episode by Morgan when he and Reid are walking in a hallway. Reid tells him it's "Top Secret," and we can't really gather much information about the outcome from this.

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  • 1 decade ago

    They never really "dated." They went on one date around season 2. It was Reid's birthday and he mentioned to Gideon that J.J. was the only person who ever called him "Spence." Gideon got him Redskins tickets, because it was J.J.'s favorite team. They went out but it didn't work out, though It is obvious they still are close

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