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Are there any simple instructions to changing a relief valve on a hot water heater?


So, you DO NOT have to drain the hot water heater, just a few gallons?

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    Here they are. They aren't simple, but they are as simple as I can make 'em.

    1. Go to hardware store, or a home improvement center and buy an identical TP valve [temperature/pressure relief], and a roll of Teflon Plumbing Tape. If you don't have it already, you will need a wrench of about 12 or 14 inch length. It can be either a pipe wrench, or an adjustable wrench ["Crescent" is one brand name].

    2. Turn of the water supply. IF you're lucky, there will be a cold water inlet shutoff valve at the water heater.

    3. Open the hot water valve/faucet at the nearest sink or lavatory to allow what water in the lines that will drain to drain, AND to vent the water heater.

    4. Prepare a pre-dampened floor mop and bucket to use to pick up any "spilled" water when the TP valve is removed.

    5. Remove any piping coming OUT of the bottom of the TP valve.

    6. Make a mental note of the direction the outlet of the TP valve is pointing, and remove the TP valve by unscrewing it counter-clockwise.

    7. Clean any and all debris from the threads of the hole from which the TP valve was removed.

    8. Install at least THREE layers of the Tephlon Tape to the threads of the new TP valve by wrapping in a clock-wise direction. Place all three layers directly over each other at the lead end of the threads. It is not necessary to tape all the way up the threads, just the tape width at the beginning of the fitting.

    9. Gently and carefully, to avoid damaging the applied Teflon Tape or any of the threads on the valve or water heater, screw the new TP valve into the hole in the water heater.

    It should freely and easily screw in by hand for a distance of at least 3 to 4 threads depth. IF it doesn't, you MAY have "cross-threaded" it, and if you try to force it in, especially with the wrench, you will ruin the threads, and thus the valve which will require buying another one!!!!!

    If it cross-threads, back it out and try again, being careful to have the center axis of the valve threads perfectly vertical to the centerline of the hole in the water heater.

    10. When the valve is properly screwed in and seated by hand, then using the wrench, continue to tighten about one to three more turns until the valve is tight AND the outlet is in the same position as the outlet of the old valve. This is so you can reinstall the drain pipe to the TP valve outlet.

    11. Clean the threads on the old drain pipe and install Teflon Tape on those threads just as in step 8.

    12. Reinstall and tighten the drain pipe into the outlet of the new TP valve.

    13. Clean up any mess made and your tools, and put everything away.

    14. Turn the water supply back on and allow the water to push any trapped air out of the water heater, water lines and the open hot water faucet in the nearby sink or lavatory, UNTIL the water runs freely without any air pockets "blasting" out.

    15. Shut off the hot water valve, and return to the water heater and CAREFULLY observe the new TP valve/water heater for any water leaks.

    IF leaks are observed, tighten the threads a little more. and continue the leak watch until you're sure all leaks are stopped.

    Source(s): 50+ years in the construction and handyman trades, and LOTS of DIY projects for myself, relatives, friends, and neighbors.
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    You need to check your water pressure coming into the house. Call a plumber and have then check the pressure, you may need to have a pressure regulator placed on the main line. Too high of water pressure will give the water heater a force feeding of humble pie and make it leak through the relief valve.

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    yes get an adjustable wrench.there is a little handle on your valve lift up it will relieve pressure on the tank . unscrew old valve , put new one on;simple. 65

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    bush master left out 1 step if its electric shut off power to it if its gas shut off gas and let it cool

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    one more remove all fauset airators

    Source(s): 30yrs
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