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i need help with tips on loosin wieght bein diagnosed with polycystic ovarys?

hi im 19 and was diagnosed with pcos about 6months ago and was also diagnose with gallstones well anyway since then i have bein tryin 2 lose wieght as they say it helps reduce the cysts but with no success can any1 help me or give me any tips on how i can loose wieght as i realy am stugglin tryin 2 get my head around the what they actually are plz help i really want children in the near future x

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    I have P.C.O.S.(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) myself ... was diagnosed at 22, i'm now 25 and it's a constant battle to lose weight for me. When I first found out though I went on weight watchers.... it requires alot of attention and planning but it REALLY worked for me. I fell off it though and gained the weight back later on .... but once you get down to that "magic weight" that makes your system work as it should you only need to maintain it you know. So thats my suggestion.... good luck I know how frustrating it can be. Feel free to hit me up on myspace if you want to talk further about it or email me on here, is my myspace.

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    i have this condition theres not much u can do but cut out most sugary and high carb foods i used to be a size 14uk im now down to a 8 on top 10-12 uk on bottom.I find exersise also helps.

    My cysts are painfull at times and some of mine have popped basically your ovary has cysts in the folicules where an egg should be there are certain things that can come with this condition e.g excess hair [upperlip lowerback] acne weight around stomach difficult to loose weight etc

    are your periods reg? heavy/light?

    If your thinking of children I know I was offered IVF on the NHS and help off the gynocolgist.[as i have it on both ovaries and a thickend womb and enlarged ovaries] so you could always ask them i think they will give you tablets also at first to try and help you concive were as though some women concive naturally with out any problems if you are overweight and you are trying to concive i suggest loosing weight before hand

    Also have you been tested for Diabets? as doctors think pcos is linked with this

    best of luck x

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