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Where to celebrate chinese new year in nyc?

My friend is korean so he is celebrating new years on sunday but i dont know where to take him to have a blast!!! any ideas it could be a great lounge, bar, or club with good music though ;)... it can be korean, japanese or chinese it dont matter i just want him to enjoy himself a lot!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You could go to Japas 38 on 9 East 38th St. (bet. Fifth & Madison Ave.) New York, NY 10016. Its a cool new Japanese karaoke bar. If you are going with a party you can rent a room with a table and chairs and a kareoke tv. It's sooooooo cool and the room is sound proof so no need to be worried about people judging. I went there once with a party and had a blast. They have evry song every created. The food is great and I highly recommend it.

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  • kimiko
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    4 years ago

    ok-city is in Midtown, between thirty second street (between 5th adn Broadway). there is many bars and pubs, alongside with eating places and different issues for him to be reminded of Korea. See link for guidelines and extra information.

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