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Does anyone know websites that have FREE english bulldog puppies?

I want one so bad! I would be the happiest teenage girl in the world! I want a english bulldog puppy so bad! If anyone knows of a website that has FREE english bulldog puppies let me know please! By the way, I live in Seattle. So please, please, please tell me where to find one. Or maybe one that is like $100 at the most?


What'ss wronq withh a puppy from a puppy mill.!? i'd be savinq iht.!!!

Update 2:

Uqhh , people are stupidd.!

i want a cheap or free one so that i cahn qeht iht all iht'ss shot's d $h!t.! Nd i wood makee sure iht is ohkaay with myy qramma , bcuhz i livv with her.! So don't trip.! Gossh.!

Update 3:

Why wouldn't i takee one with mee when i movee out.!?

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    Nobody is going to give away a $2500.00 pup for free. Even Bulldog Rescue charges $500.00-$600.00. Also, if you are under 18, you can NOT legally purchase a dog. This would have to be up to your parents. Just a word of caution: There IS a very notorious Bulldog SCAM out there. I hope you won't fall for it. It's a website that offers a free Bulldog if you send them a Western Union check to pay for the shipping of the dog. Do NOT fall for this, as there is NO DOG! They only want your money.

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    Free? Haha don't make me laugh.

    They ONLY way someone could get a free bulldog is if they were VERY good friends with a breeder. And I highly doubt you are.

    Are you're parents ok with getting a dog? Cause if they are not you are out of luck until you move out of their house. Teenagers can NOT go into a legal contract with a breeder, that is illegal.

    If you want a bulldog that bad, expect to be dishing out no less than $1500, generally it is no less than $2000. You want a bulldog that is not going to cost you quadruple or more than that in vet bills right?

    Then go through the national breed club for breeders, email some of them

    I don't know any breeders out west so I can't tell you anything about them.

    You could also try rescuing an older bulldog but then again they are still not going to be $100. Someone already gave you a link to the closest rescue.

    There is a guy in Cali that you absolutely must avoid at all costs.


    You would NOT be rescuing it, you would be BUYING it. And in turn giving them more money so that they can continue. If you can live with yourself knowing that you're money went to help torture more dogs then you do not deserve a dog

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    LOL free English Bulldog? NOT possible. the standard quality English Bull pup will run about 2000. I would not trust a breeder selling one for less. There is a LOT of pre-natal care for the dogs, and the require C-sections which is why they are so expensive.

    Source(s): Saving up for one as a second dog. a good friend is a breeder.
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  • 4 years ago

    It's obvious that the puppy is hungry when you feed him. He should be fed the correct amount of food at least twice a day because he is still growing and needs food to give him energy. Dogs don't chew their food, they gulp it, so you can forget trying to make him chew, he is not a human. He knows exactly how to eat and doesn't need to be taught table manners. The dog is fine, it's his owner that needs to calm down. He is a male dog and his little "redbird" is going to peek out and there is nothing you can do so just relax and ignore it. That will happen less and less as he grows older. Stop trying to make the puppy calm down, let him be happy and enjoy his food.

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    For goodness sake - as one of the posters has put - nobody is going to give you a free puppy when they sell for so much.

    If you found a REALLY good breeder who cared more about the home for her pup than the money and absolutely thought you were just the ideal person to care for her pup then MAYBE. I know breeders like this in other breeds.

    However..... a free pup is not going to remain free anyway. It costs a lot of money to keep them and something like a bulldog that is prone to health problems MUST be insured to cover any problems, so you'd still need a lot of money.

    So think we're living in cloud cuckoo land here don't you.

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    bulldogs cannot breed or give birth naturally so breeders already have hundreds of dollars invested into these dogs before they are born- they won't and should not give them away for free. Any bulldog given away for free will likely have somthing seriously wrong with it temperment or healthwise. And you mention your a teenager-what are you gonna do when you go to college or move out?take the dog?-unlikely. If your parents wanted one they would have gottn one on their own. If you need some doggie time consider spending time with homeless dogs in shelter who need time out of their cage or dogsit for people.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I do not think that getting a "free" bulldog is possible. And even if you do get it for free, you might not get it from a good person (ie it could be stolen or from a puppy mill

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I do not think that getting a "free" bulldog is possible. And even if you do get it for free, you might not get it from a good person (ie it could be stolen or from a puppy mill).

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  • LOL,

    Bulldogs are expensive to breed, and very popular at the moment.

    The only people with "free" or "cheap" Bulldogs are scammers.

    Expect to pay at least $1500 for a pet quality Bulldog.

    Or maybe try your nearest Bulldog Rescue.

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    I don't think free is possible. You can go to you're local shelter and see if they have any that you can adopt or get for less money then it would usally. :)

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