Where's a good neighborhood for me to move to?

I'm an aspiring screenwriter and I am thinking about down to Los Angeles (from San Francisco). I don't know the districts very well so I want to know where a good neighborhood would be for me. I'm 22, I want to be in or near the center of the Hollywood action, and I want a moderately nice studio (i'm not very poor).

I'm looking on craigslist and don't know the difference between places like West Hollywood, North Hollywood, Westwood, etc.

So where do I want to be? Thanks.

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    Working screenwriters live all over LA, from Santa Monica to Pasadena. Better to find a place where you're comfy living because it's not like you're going to be pitching every day, or even most days of the week, and all pitches won't be in the same area. You do have at least 3 good scripts, right? No point in pitching until then, but I'm sure your agent has told you that. Hate it, what else you got? Nothing? See ya. Always have a couple of ready backups. I take it you know not to show or submit your script to anyone important until someone you trust and who knows their stuff has looked it over. The readers all share notes, and once they read something stinky, everyone knows and it's hard to get seriously read again.

    You haven't mentioned your budget, so it's hard to be specific. West Hollywood has some nice neighborhoods, lots of apartments, and is near nightlife. North of the Sunset Strip is nicer than south. Hollywood has some rather icky areas. Look around the Hollywood Hills - Hollywood Blvd west of La Brea and Franklin Ave all across Hollywood. But there are nice neighborhoods elsewhere in Hollywood, you just have to get out there and look. If you're aware of your surroundings, have good locks on your door, an alarm on your car, and you don't do dumb stuff like walk around at night by yourself, you should be fine.

    Westwood is very nice and expensive, same for Santa Monica. Any place cheap in SM is probably somewhere you don't want to live, there are not-so-nice areas in SM. Culver City/Palms is on the westside of LA and has a nice balance of safety, good neighborhoods and price. North Hollywood (NoHo - the Valley) has some nice new buildings in the NoHo Arts District and some safe areas, but also some grungy areas. Lots of young artists live there because it's cheaper than a lot of LA. Some is nice, some is fugly. Studio City and Toluca Lake are near NoHo and nicer and more expensive, but lots of apts. Burbank is next to Toluca Lake and where some studios are, a variety of apts and prices, generally a safe area.

    LA area safety stats: http://www.lalife.com/

    Come down and check out LA and see what feels right to you. You might check out Pasadena/Altadena, South Pasadena, Eagle Rock, Los Feliz, Silverlake, West LA Some are more mellow than others. You may think you want to be in the middle of the "Hollywood action", but see what vibe you get from the various areas as you are likely going to be spending more time at home than most, and if you're in a studio, you'll probably want to spend time outdoors. You'll find lots of screenwriters (seems like 1/4 of LA is screenwriters, and 1/2 of all LA attorneys), lots of groups to join.

    Free screenings and writer/director Q & As: http://www.creativescreenwriting.com/events.html

    If you didn't attend the Expo last year, you may want to this year in October: http://www.screenwritingexpo.com/

    If you need a job here, it may take you some time to find one, figure on 4 months at least.

    Good luck!

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    it depends on what city like porterville california pretty much any where is a good place but a place like tulare califoinia it just a plain out no go good luck

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    mr. rogers beautywood

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