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Is it true that in deep sleep, brain waves become progressively slow and higher in voltage?

If a person falls into deeper and deeper sleep during the night, the brain waves become progressively slower and higher in voltage?(CLIFFOD T.MORGAN)

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    I don't know what Morgan is referring to. I believed the REM was the deepest and most restful sleep. Actually, the absence or truncation of any phase of sleep can cause problems. Brain waves during REM are predominantly alpha (8-12 cycles per sec.). The other phases are predominantly lower cycles per second. The various phases of sleep repeat several times each night, four to six times. The amount of REM sleep in time increases each cycle throughout the night until just about waking. Sleep is not a simple progression from one stage to another throughout the night. The stages cycle. Maybe he meant that the alpha rhythm becomes more and more synchronous and, therefore, higher voltage in REM in deep sleep as each cycle progresses.

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    This does occur. The brain is actually noisier when you go to sleep. If you want an experiment to carry out get a small lizard and put him on your neck. Notice the buzzing sensation when he falls asleep. It might be fascinating to connect the output of the brain not to a paper track device but to a loudspeaker so you could hear the brainwaves as somebody went to sleep. It might be possible to reinduce sleep by playing the recording of the sound to the one that was sleeping as a way to overcome wakefulness. This practice is called "entrainment" when applied with other sounds e.g. to induce more Beta activity and make somebody stay awake. You can compare the brain wave sensation with the 50 cycle hum near a transformer. If you relax and start to bring on the low powerful vibrations near a device that uses A.C. you can be a naughty boy with the telekinetic effects you can initiate by controlling the vibration and so destabilizing the transformer and causing chaos, which is part of why Italy will not employ telekinetic people. We are all a bit anti-social and the man just asleep is in a borderline state perfect to yoke in the telekinetic possibilities of an electromagnetic vibration so nearly synchronous with the brain's activity.

    Source(s): When I was learning telekinesis as a Rosicrucian student I noticed the linkage between vibrations especially if I managed to be a bit overtired from studying at night and coming to work early, and I just happened to be working with a three phase device.
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    Sleep patterns differ from individual to individual as well as the varying circumstances. In order to have restful sleep adequate balance between REM and non REM sleep is essential

    Source(s): Ph.D in Clinical Psychology
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    Maybe so.I must've slept through it.

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