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Rate/How to improve my fantasy team?

I just drafted my first fantasy baseball team of the year. I like to do a couple free leagues and see how drafts play out before doing my money league, however, the format and team size is the same as what I'll be looking at in my money league. The format is 10 team H2H with standard CBSSports scoring rules. The scoring format is as follows:

1 point singles

2 points doubles

3 points triples

4 points home runs

1 point runs

1 point RBI

-1 point strikeout

2 points steal


7 points wins

7 points saves

3 points quality start

1/2 point strikeout

3 points per inning pitched

-1 point hit allowed

-1 point walk

-1 point earned run

-5 points loss

The starting lineups are C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3xOF, Util, 5xSP, 2xRP

There are 5 reserves allowed, making a 21 player roster.

I had the 7th pick in the draft and here is my lineup. What could I do to improve and/or how could I have changed my draft strategy to end up with a better team? The number in front of each player is the round I selected them in.

C - 17 Ryan Doumit

1B - 7 Derek Lee

2B - 3 Dustin Pedroia

3B - 4 Ryan Zimmerman

SS - 5 Jose Reyes

OF - 1 Ryan Braun

OF - 2 Matt Holliday

OF - 6 Grady Sizemore

Util - 9 Gordon Beckham (3B)

Rsrv - 19 Asdrubal Cabrera (2B/SS eligible)

Rsrv - 15 Torii Hunter (OF)

SP - 10 Clayton Kershaw

SP - 8 John Lackey

SP - 11 Roy Oswalt

SP - 20 Ben Sheets

SP - 13 David Price

RP - 12 J.A. Happ (SP eligible as well)

RP - 18 Bobby Jenks

Rsrv - 14 Tim Hudson (SP)

Rsrv - 16 Johnny Cueto (SP)

Rsrv - 21 Justin Masterson (SP/RP)

Basically, I went for strong position players early, and then went with a lot of young pitchers or veterans coming off a down year.

Personally, I think it's obvious that my OF is the core of my team. I have arguably 3 of the top 5 players at the position and a solid backup in Torii Hunter. The thing that could be my undoing, imo, is the huge number of injury risks on my team. Reyes, Sizemore, Lee, Sheets and Oswalt to name a few. Being honest though, I think if my money league played out as this draft did, I'd be pretty happy with the team I have.

That being said though, any and all advice on potential trade targets/bait, a way I could have altered my draft strategy and an overall rating for the team is greatly appreciated. As always, I'll help in return if you post a link.


Absolutely see where you're coming from when it comes to picking outfielders 1 and 2. This being my first "prep draft" of the year, I pretty much followed my board straight down, and considering that I have Holliday as my #9 player, I went with him in round 2. As far as grabbing an ace early, in all honesty, I was surprised I didn't get one. I kept thinking "this round will be the one" but the other teams apparently valued pitching WAY more than myself, as the first round saw 5 pitchers taken. Everytime I felt I had to take one, I felt it'd be too big of a stretch to do it. I appreciate the advice though...it's what I'm looking for.

And I like the idea of getting another closer, possibly for Hunter....the reason I only have one though is really just personal philosophy. I don't pay for saves. Outside of a select 2 or 3 guys, closers are the most hard to predict players in the game. The upside of a starter in my relief role is also the innings pitched points

Thanks to all so far

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    just a quick observation- If your league values a Win and a Save as both 7 points, why do you only have one Closer? Jenks is not even a top 10 Closer and Happ is going to do more starting than closing.

    You may want to look at the RP position as something to improve. If it were me, I would dangle Torii Hunter for a marginal closer (Ryan Franklin, Huston Street) or even trade Sizemore (insert Hunter into OF) for a better one. Another option may be to see if Hudson or Sheets come out blazing and swap one of them for bullpen help.

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    Your outfielders are definitely your strong suit but I don't think you should have used your 1st and 2nd round selections on them but I do like the batters you have. Pitching is definitely a question mark. IMO, you should have selected your ace inside the first 5 rounds but you chose to wait which could hurt you. If you want to know what to do differently to have an even better money-league team I'd say is to not take an outfielder with your first 2 picks and take at least one ace rounds 1-5. Excellent team though, don't get me wrong, I'm just trying to help.

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    you probably did no longer point out if this could be a Roto or a head-to-head league. If this could be a Roto League with daily transactions, he could desire to in no way have a starter in a "P" slot except he has extra desirable than 2 beginning pitchers scheduled for that day. Starters that are no longer working that day could desire to be on the bench. 3 alleviation pitchers (closers)on the roster isn't adequate. grant Hernandez to somebody that desires strikeouts. i might positioned Delgado at application, Cabrera at OF with Winn on the bench. This team would not have plenty ability for stolen bases. now and returned you may desire to provide up on a style. i'm no longer in all probability offered on Morales yet, and Weaver has in hassle-free terms one commence. Having 2 beginners like that, he could desire to be an Angels fan.

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    That's an AMAZING team I would try to get that cuban pitcher for the Reds.

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    That is a great team

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