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Do Grandparents Love Their Grandchildren More Than Their Own Children?


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    No, but they are not raising them. they are not having to deal with money issues and pressures of raising children.

    therefore they can be more relaxed and enjoy them to the fullest without any stress....

    grandchildren are an extension of their own children, how could you love them more....

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    I once had a client from an old job tell me that as a Grandmother she loved her kids much more than her grandchildren.

    My Father's Mother loved her children more than her grandchildren because she had a judgmental view of her Daughter-In-Laws (she was very disappointed with them in every way). Her daughter's little girl could do no wrong (my cousin). My cousin was showered with pride by Grandma.

    So it is true that some Grandparents don't care as much for the GK than their own children this is not always true. IMHO It really depends on how forgiving and kind the Grandparent is or isn't towards people in general.

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    It really depends on the grandparents. I know some grandparents side with their grandchildren rather than their own children. Grandparents can play favorites like a parent can with their own children.

    Then again, other grandparents are less bias and love everyone the same.

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    I think the answer has to do with perception and focus. As a grandparent I am 100% present to my grandchildren when I am with them. Their parents are in some cases busy trying to grow up themselves. I also think time has given me some wisdom to understand what my grandkids want and need right then. I don't believe that any rational parents wake up and say to each other, "Let's see how bad we can mess our kids up today". I do think Life happens and with sometimes good intentions the parents place their priorities in the wrong place from time to time. So as caring grandparents we appear to love them more and if we are really fortunate we will model this to their parents. NEIL

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    No, it's jus

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