Air as an ideal gas at STP?

Does air behave as an ideal gas at STP? Why?

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  • Dr W
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    most gases behave ideally at STP.. low pressure.. moderate to high temps.. most gases behave ideally.. right?

    because ideal gases have NO intermolecular forces of attraction, the higher the temp.. the better. (think of it like this. as you lower temperature things start to condense and intermolecular attractions take over as you form liquids and solids)

    because ideal gases have negligle molecular volume when compared to the volume of the container, the bigger the container the better. ie.. the lower the pressure.


    exceptions are gases that have high intermolecular forces of attraction. hydrogen bonding is one source. NH3 exhibits hydrogen bonding and therefore ammonia is not exactly ideal. it's about 1.5% off.

    Air consists of 79% N2 and 21% O2.. neither exhibits hydrogen bonding so air is very close to ideal.

    water vapor of course does have hydrogen bonding and is non ideal at STP but it's a small fraction of moist air.

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