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I want to change my bearings on my roller hockey skates? But not sure on brand/size,& how it works?

I have a pair of CCM vector 04 inline skate. I played two seasons in them. The bearings are 608 ABEC 5 bearings. Can i buy an abec 7 or 9, etc or do i have to stay with that stock 5 style. Also I want to change my wheels, i weigh about 190, what brand and sizes should i get? I play indoor on tile like surface...(not to sure what it is)

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    Most bearings and wheels are universal, so you should be okay if you change it up a little bit. I would suggest an abec 7 or 9 if you want a little bit more speed. Something like Bones Swiss (the Sick Swiss Sixes... or whatever they are called) are really high quality bearing that will last you a while.

    If you are going to change your wheels makes sure you know the maximum size to use. A lot of times this will be said on the bottom of the boot part of your skates. For example I have some mission Hi-Lo's that use 72mm (on the front and back wheels) and 80mm (on the middle wheels). You also mentioned the surface. This will matter A LOT! If you are playing on somewhat of slippery surface you will want to consider a lower 'A'. The A rating is basically how firm the wheel is. For example I play on really smooth concrete and I use 78A. If i were to play on an actual multi-surface rink I might want to consider using a lower A (the lower it is the less firm -and more "gummy" it will be). If i were to play on pavement or asphalt, I might want to consider something like an 80, 82, or even 84A. It all kind of depends on how much "slide" you'll want to have going into sharp turns. there is a lot of good information available out there. If you need any more info or have any more questions check out . Also, if you need to know how to rotate your wheels properly or change out your bearings, there are is some good info on the links beneath this entry.

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    when u buy bearings they r all the same size. as u no u have to buy 16. if u go with abec bearings the higher the number the better the bearing ... so 9 would be the best on the abec scale. then after abec u can buy mission swiss bearings if u want a really good bearing which would be a few steps up from abec 9 . ... if u r gonna buy them offline you should go to .. i buy from them all the time and actually just placed an order last night.

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