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Does Taylor Swift have a tattoo?

I was just watching Taylor Swift-Our Song !And Iit lok's like she a tattoo of a heart on her foot.So does she or not?Does any 1 knows?

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    "BW: You've been grappling with getting a tattoo. Have you made a decision yet?

    TS: I may get one. It was one of those things where I drew this heart on my foot with a permanent marker on the day of my album cover shoot and they took a picture of it and that picture ended up on the physical CD. So everyone was like, "Is it or isn't it a tattoo?" It's not. But I made this crazy pact that if I sold a crazy amount of records, like 2 million, I'd get it tattooed on. I honestly didn't think that it would happen. We're at 2.5 million right now. [Laughs.] So I'm, like, thinking, "Oh God, I have to get that."

    BW: Well, you don't have to…

    TS: I can back out of it. Mostly because my dad said he would take it off with a belt sander, so... [Laughs.]"

    This was from an interview, and I read somewhere else:

    "Taylor's Heart Tattoo isn't actually real. It was initially done in Henna. Swift had originally stated that she would get a tattoo of a heart on her foot if she sold 2 million records, that mark has come and gone, she said she has changed her mind because she does not feel she would be a good role model to the younger people that look up to her, She says she'd be living her life this way whether she was doing country music or not, but she feels its important to be a good role model... Taylor had several fake star tattoos on her upper chest and the inside of her wrist for a promo photo shot as well. Can real ones be far behind?"

    So I think she doesn't aha :)

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    Taylor Swift Tatoo

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    OH THANK GOD at first I thought you were getting her face tattooed on or something. Sorry, I just had to say... Make sure you think reaaaaallly hard about it and choose a lyric that wont look out of date in the future. Oh and make sure to talk to the tattooist about after care and do what they say because if you don't it can ruin the free touch-ups for life policy!

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    Yup she does, she drew the heart on her foot everyday with sharpie until she sold a platinum album or some high level of album selling (i cant remember which) and then she actually got it done.

    Source(s): Friend got a matching tattoo of taylor swift so she knows the story
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    I know she draws them on her feet...Not sure if its and actual tattoo though

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    she alternates between sharpie and getting it done with henna

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    who really cares

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    no, its sharpie.

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