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Should I join Army at 25?

I am at a slight crossroads in my life and looking for some insight. I'm 25 and graduated from college in May 2009 and have been working at a counselor at an alternative education school since September. I can not stand the thought of working in this line of work for the next 30 years. I have an over whelming fear of being generic and leading a meaningless life. I have had several members of my family in the military and I respect those in our armed services immensely. I just want to gain some life experience that I otherwise couldn't get without having been in the service. Now for the reason as to why I'm asking for assistance, my family and I lost my brother, and Captain and Tank Commander, in 2003 in Iraq and my mother can't give me her blessing to join because she is scared, for obvious reasons. I have taken the February LSAT for Law School and am awaiting the results, hoping for admission but planning for denial of admission. If I do not get it to Law School the Army is going to be a favorite amongst my plan Bs.

Also I would be potentially looking to The National Call to Service Contract, I think. I'm not sure if that's even available anymore. But any help would certainly be appreciated. Thanks

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    First, don't let age worry you. 25 is nothing in the military, you will fit right in without a problem. Now judging by your family history, I am gonna guess you kind of want to go into combat, despite what happened to your brother. The most important thing to know about combat jobs is the massive, uncharted amounts of stupidity you will face, both in people and policies. Really, it is mind-boggling. You may pull out some of your own hair, since you sound like a normal, smart human being. Combat branches seem to be designed around half-retards. With your degree and desire to go to more school, I would say you belong more with the officers. That is better, because there is less stupidity, better pay, and at least you have your head above the grass, and you can see a little more of the bigger picture. Plus there is more opportunity for real advancement. As enlisted, you get promoted for not being a complete idiot, but officers get promoted for actually being a decent officer. You should know, as an officer, you get no guarantee of branch, like the enlisted get guaranteed jobs. If you do poorly in OCS (Officer Candidate School) you could get put in Quartermaster (supply) or Personnel, or something. As for the stupidity, you can avoid a big part of it by joining the Air Force, but not much combat there. If combat isn't a requirement, I would say any branch of the military would be fine. It would be more like a normal job, 9 to 5 plus PT in the morning. They all have good benefits, experience, and all the other trimmings. I would say if you don't need combat, this is a good way to get out of your rut, with out having to worry about being homeless when you quit your job. But seriously, smart people don't do well in the Army, especially combat, especially enlisted, so avoid it if you can. I hope this helps you out, and good luck.

    Source(s): 4 years Army, enlisted, in a combat MOS. Plus my wife is in the Air Force, and I can't say first hand, but it looks SO much better than the Army. Much less stupid.
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    Joining The Army At 25

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Should I join Army at 25?

    I am at a slight crossroads in my life and looking for some insight. I'm 25 and graduated from college in May 2009 and have been working at a counselor at an alternative education school since September. I can not stand the thought of working in this line of work for the next 30 years. I...

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    While this may be mostly true, it isn't completely. There was a book written about homeless Vietnam vets, and they discovered that during the study( where they found 25% of the homeless a vietnam vet) many of these homeless people told others they were a veteran to get more sympathy( people would give them money easier if they told them this. So 25% maybe not a true number, or maybe there are even more than that..the fact is that going to war will give you many mental problem.s having to kill nad Watching your friends die inst going to be a piece of cake for anyone, but not everyone turns to drugs once leaving the military. My grandfather was in WWII , fighting in Iwo jima and he never turned to drugs afterward. He got married and had children and worked two separate jobs at a time to support them. Im not sure how he dealt with the trauma, but I know he never became and alcoholic or dug addicted. So, this proves that some are able to overcome( though I know not all). We do need a military to protect us, but we also need more benefits for those who do join the military. That means lots of therapy before and after. But then again, how do you overcome the horrors of warfare? I'm really not su re I could.

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    I would'nt but a lot of people do. when i was in i saw 40 year old privates just now joining not very many but there are some. Finish your schooling, i lived the army life if you think your life is pointless now boy you got a lot ot learn still. Things arent as bad as they seen. I only spent 3 years as a combat engineer and you can become an E5 within 2 and a half years. So if you know your stuff you can raise thru the ranks pretty fast but theres a lot of bs along the way.

    Source(s): I didnt read your? i just went on rambling
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    All military branches are amazing. They have alot of benefits, traveling opportunities, discipline, Respect. etc etc.. But since your done with school you should try to be a Army Officer. You will be making bucks! Now remember the military is not for everybody. think if this what you really want. Because in the military only the strong survive.


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    My answer is "yes". The military is a great option.

    Both of my brothers put 20+ years in the US Military. One in the Army the other in the Air Force. They both retired in their late 30's and because of their prior experience (the Army brother worked for several Joint Chiefs at the Pentagon and the Air Force brother worked in Intelligence and had a Top Secret clearance) they both were able to get civilian jobs in the Federal Goverment. Now they both get TWO paychecks and make six figure salaries!

    With your counseling experience and your degree, you could go in as an officer and perhaps counsel our returning war veterans?

    Source(s): Personal experience.
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    For the best answers, search on this site

    Dr. Gonzo, I come from a long line of military veterans. My husband, Bear Man, my father, cousins, uncles grandfathers and great-grandfathers all served in the military. Each of them served during war time. My father fought in both the Korean and Vietnam war. I have deep respect for all who serve our country. There is some help for Veterans who ask for it. The problem is many are so disturbed or independent, they don't ask for help. The VA and organizations who help veterans try to reach out to those who may not know help is available or are not interested in assistance. Social workers walk the streets and scour soup kitchens looking for vets who might need help, working with organizations that offer shelter or medical assistance. Our own member Universal Pants works with homeless Veterans. I do agree with you concerning increasing the funds for our military personnel who are in trouble. Both for the wounded and the homeless veterans.

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    Now conider you will probably have an E-5 or higher telling you what to do. The flip side is they may be the same age or even younger than you. If you can get past that ur good. Expect to do some retarded things that do not make sense.

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    It's not uncommon for people to enlist later on in life. Army offers 27D Paralegal Specialist. You got a degree go OCS. I don't know...thought I'd try.

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