Can someone PLEASE help my friends and I plan our travels around Europe for spring break?!?

My friends and I are currently studying abroad in Rome and we are trying to plan our spring break travels around Europe. Our spring break begins on February 27th and we need to be back in Rome by March 7th. Our main destinations are Amsterdam, Prague, and Munich, preferably in that order (we are trying to start at the top of Europe and work our way down). We want to leave Rome on the 27th of February to go to Amsterdam and leave Munich on the 6th or 7th of March to get back to Rome. I have been looking up flights on and it seems much cheaper to fly into a neighboring city or country and take a train into Amsterdam. I need help planning flights, train rides, hostels, etc., so anyone who has any experience with this would be of much help to us. Also, if you can specifically supply links/prices that would be great. Price IS a concern for us as we are college students, so we do not need to stay in any 5-star hotels or fly first-class. All I ask is to avoid Ryan Air because I have heard some awful things about them. If anyone can help us we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much! Ciao!

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    There are a couple of good sites for budget flights here in Europe: and . I live in northern Italy and go to Amsterdam for the weekend fairly frequently. I like Transavia; the flight from Rome goes into Rotterdam rather than Schiphol, but it's not a bad train trip to Amsterdam from there. The other option is to fly into amsterdam with EasyJet, KLM or Alitalia since you want to avoid RyanAir. One popular hostel in Amsterdam is the Flying Pig: . The downtown one at Nieuwendijk 100 is very convenient; it's close to Dam Square, the train station and other locations you're likely to want to visit. You can check other options at: or . You can also find options for Munich and Prague on these sites.

    Coming back from Munich to Rome, you should consider the night train. I take this fairly frequently and went to Munich to Rome after Oktoberfest this way. It leaves Munich at 9:03 pm and arrives in Rome the next morning at 9:05. The standard fare is 119 euro, but if you book early enough to get the smart fare (there are tickets available for your dates now), you can get a seat for 29 euro. I would highly recommend a cuchette though. you can get a berth in a 6 bed compartment for 49 euro and sleep through the night. You won't need a hostel for that night either. These fares are also available right now for the 6th and 7th of March.

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    Can you work your way up instead? Looks up costs to fly from Rome to Prague or Munich, then catch a train to the opposite city, then train to Amsterdam and maybe fly back from there. To cut costs further, you could cut out Amsterdam altogether and instead focus on Prague, Munich, maybe Vienna? Consider cities that are closer together and then you wouldn't need to fly anywhere at all. is a great site for planning rail trips, they have *tons* of information.

    Finding hostels will be the easiest part. Once you figure out your train/flight itinerary, just do some searches for hostel+city name. You'll get millions of results.

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    This is a very cheap site

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