i need a good topic for my political science paper...?

This is my first political science class, I dont know much about politics or power and I'm not sure what to write on. The topic can be anything having to deal with power and as long as its vaguely political science based then its ok. So what are some things I could consider? Keep in mind its Introduciton to political science so we aren't delving too deep into it. Thanks for any help guys!!

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    Thomas "Tip" O'Neill—a longtime Speaker of the House in the U.S. Congress—once declared, "All politics is local." He was explaining how the problems and concerns of towns and cities around the country affect the actions of their representatives and senators in Washington, D.C.

    People are far more likely to be motivated to work toward change [or work to avoid change] on a local level.

    I heard a fellow in an insurance sales meeting once. He said that he always leaves a flier with his name, picture and a brief statement of his qualifications on it when he speaks to a prospect. He said that he ran for some township supervisor position or something like it. His point was that it wasn't necessary to be competent, you only needed to be remembered. When I see the people we have elected, particularly locally, I remember what he said.

    I think that if I were to do a study in political science, I would interview the local candidates who lost in the last election, and ask them either what they felt they would have done differently, or how they would advise the people who won the offices that they were running for.

    Nobody talks to the losers.

  • Anonymous
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    I've always thought the idea of "how people come into power" is interesting. Why does a society let someone who is bad for them rule them? My best example would be Adolf Hitler. He was not a good man, but people just let him rise up in the ranks and take over. There are other examples other than Hitler that you can use. What kind of situation has to be present in a society for people to let a horrible person gain power over them? On a smaller scale you can discuss cults and the kind of power that a cult leader has over his followers and why.

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