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Has anyone been watching the BBC 1 series "Survivors" ?

Now it seems to me that all the characters are pretty thick , so let me ask you this ? You wake up in the morning to find everyone is dead , you go out and soon discover that you are not the only survivor but enough people have died to ensure it is the end of civilisation as we know it , what's the first thing you do ? What's your first priority ?


Jesus Christ you'd all be day in a matter of weeks at the longest .

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    We get everything late here in the US but I plan to check it out. What is my first agenda list-food, water, a weapon to protect myself with, and a vehicle.

    ***Still missing Robin Hood although it ended stoopid.

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    I haven't seen it..but what an interesting question. my first priority would be to find out what caused the wipe out and make sure I am properly protected in anyway that I could,then I'd go to a radio or tv station and find a way to transmit a message asking all survivors to meet in one location clearly you would have to establish who you have left and what skills each survivor has. then dependant on the cause there would have to be some sort of plan put into place about how we were going to survive.I would cry alot too lol

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    Yes I like it, its not very believable in places, but it's tv so it's not meant to be realistic!

    I would look for my family, to see if they survived, and then I would go looking for other survivors ( like the survivors did!)

    Also my first priority would be food, water and shelter.

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    go to my uncles house lol. hes really quite eccentric and has a bunker in his garden with clothes weapons food fuel and water (he also keeps his wine collection down there. maybe i'd get drunk and wallow in self pity after losing all the people i love?- who knows how you'd really feel unless it happens!?)

    Secondly i'd find others quickly and secure a wholesale warehouse which is on an estate in my uncle's city. there's living space in the bunker, but i'd rather fill it with water suplies and lond life foods.

    i'd also make my way to hospital and get as many bandages, medications and tools i could, they could all be useful. i'd find lots of medical supplies and secure 'safe houses' around the towns, somebody could be in charge of each one and finally, once the place is safe i'd go to the farms and get livestock, electric fences, tools and tractors. depending on how many violent people i meet (there seem to be a LOT on survivors) i'd make sure everybody is safe and able to survive on rations, make sure they feel comfy and looked after, despite the fact their family has gone =/

    people can work on getting animal feeds (they are kept in grain stores mostly, every safe house can easily raise chicks from incubators- easy to find in storage on farms)

    of course im thinking very positively here... it could be that the first people i meet take advantage of me, throw me out, take all my uncle's stuff and possibley either rape me, murder me, beat me or just keep me as a slave =/

    i hope good people are left in the world...

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    10 years ago

    Nope haven't seen it...Off the top of my head I'd form an alliance with these strangers and start the population again...or, make my way to Peru and hail the aliens!!

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    I'm watching it, its pretty good last nights eppie was fab. Though i do find some of it unrealistic, they always mange to have new clean clothes and perfect hair!

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    10 years ago

    I'm guessing finding some hard, horny guys to procreate with, is not the answer you're looking for?

    Hee hee...

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    watched the first one - then never again ! what a pile of drivel . original 70s version much better . as to your question - ive no idea . whats yours ?

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    Take a bunch of drugs and go raping and pillaging

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