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cs asked in 政治及管治法律及道德 · 1 decade ago

After giving up green card

If I have relinquished my green card and obtained a travel visa instead, next time when I enter USA again with form I-407 attached with my passport, will they normally stamp me with a longer (like 6 months) or shorter (like 2 weeks) time of stay?

Will the form I-407 show the reasons of why I gave up the green card? Will these reasons affect how long I could stay in the USA each time when I enter USA in future?

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    First question - 6 months or 2 weeks?

    It is actuallydepend on the purpose of your entry, they will only grant a 2 week entry if you are in transit (like going to mexico or canada and so on...)

    Normallythey will grant you a 6 months stay. For normal travel purpose.

    Second Question - Will the I-407 show the reason why u gaveup green card?

    Yes, and the reason will be in your file digitally when you enter US.

    Third Question - Will those reason limited my time to stay in US?

    No, the only thing that affected is the actuallygranting the visa, not the duration of stay.

    Source(s): friend working in USCIS now
  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    no effect,

    US grivernment will very happy to let you visit there instead.

    why? because you seem like a honest person. you already had green card but you just not ready to stay in US.

    so, why should they worry about you will illegally over stay in there.??

    is it right?

    they may not give you stay in 6 months, 30 day is common for all visitors.

  • Gary
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    1 decade ago

    Actually it is more complicated than you think.

    First of all, as a Permanent Resident, they should have revoked your B1/B2 Travel Visa as you no longer need it.

    After you relinquish your residency, you will be treated as an non-immigrant, just like others.In other word, you give up your right of protection by the law.

    Then in order to get your visa approved, you must be able to satisfy to the Consular Officer that:

    1. You are not subjected to Immigration and Naturalization Act Section 214(b).

    2. You have no intention to stay or violate your terms of staying

    3. You are a good citizen when you were in the United States.

    Unless you get your residency from employment or lottery, you will definitely have problem with #2. So they may not issue a visa easily to you (as you have the intention).

    Even the Consulate issues the visa, you will be subjected to another inspection by CBP when you arrive. At that moment, they can kick you out because of that.

    In answering your question:

    1. Each case is case by case. CBP can allow up to 6 months with no minimum.

    2. Yes.

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