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Great fights wherein the winner looked more badly beaten than the loser?

I remember Ali saying after his first bout with Frazier. "i lost but look at his face" (refering to Joe)

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    ~ Mikkel Kessler W12 Librado Andrade- Kessler won about every round but his nose was bloodied during the fight while Andrade looked like he hadn't been in a fight afterward.

    ~ Lucian Bute W12 Librado Andrade- Bute won the majority of the rounds but he had some swelling and bruising under his right eye as well as looking completely gassed after the last round in which he was knocked down hard.

    ~ Jermain Taylor W12 Bernard Hopkins (both fights)- Taylor got a cut on his scalp from a headbutt in the first fight and in both fights, his left eye swelled up due to Hopkins landing his right hand.

    ~ Arthur Abraham W12 Edison Miranda- Miranda broke Abraham's jaw and Abraham could not close his mouth for a good portion of the fight and bled profusely from his mouth for the majority of the fight.

    ~ Vitali Klitschko W12 Kevin Johnson- Klitschko won about every round but Johnson cut him over his right eye with a jab but couldn't do anything else the entire fight (he only landed 5 power punches).

    ~ Beibut Shumenov W12 Gabriel Campillo- Campillo was cut over his right eye early in the fight but he dominated Shumenov during the middle and latter portions of the fight, he bloodied Shumenov's nose and made his face swell up. Campillo deserved to win but since he officially lost, I included this fight.

    ~ Roy Jones W12 Antonio Tarver- Jones' eye was swelled up by the time the fight was over due to the times when Tarver had him against the ropes but Jones won the last two rounds to pull out the deserved victory.

    ~ Miguel Cotto W12 Joshua Clottey- Cotto suffered a terrible gash on his left eyebrow due to an accidental headbutt.

    ~ Joe Calzaghe W12 Bernard Hopkins- Calzaghe had a cut over his nose from when Hopkins knocked him down in the first round.

    Source(s): My memory.
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    I'm also thinking here of the first Ali-Frazier fight. Sure, Ali did lose that fight and he got a swollen jaw after 15 brutal rounds. But his face was pretty clean. No cuts and just a little puffiness around the eyes. Joe's eyes, on the other hand, were swollen-shut, and he had cuts and bruises all over his face. And he had to stay for a week in a hospital for precautionary check up. Also, in the Hagler-Hearns fight, we all know that Hearns got KO'd in the third round but Hagler's face was a total mess. He had a deep cut in the eye which was bleeding badly and his nose was also busted up. As he later said, he was worried that the fight might get stopped so he went for the kill. I think there a lot of other great fights with similar circumstances, but I don't want to give a very loooong answer here, hahaha.

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    Frazier-Ali 1; Valero-Demarco; Marciano-Charles; Cotto-Clottey

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    I in basic terms choose to characteristic one on those great answer of toughguy. The classic combat between the previous due Diego Corrales and Jose Luis Castillo, which Castillo replaced into triumphing on all scorecards in the previous the brutal and dramatic 10th around. Corrales did the previous college "spit the mouthpiece" antic in basic terms to maintain some seconds for him to get better even nonetheless he's attentive to that he would be deducted a million element from it apart from the two knockdowns he took. Then castillo seemed to be gassed bec. of the quantity of potential punches he unleashed in that 10th around, and corrales took that hazard acceptable away and he scored a stunning out-of-your-seat TKO. For me its the excellent come-from-at the back of after 2 knockdowns in a around.

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    Diego Corrales vs Jose Luis Castillo 1

    Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez 2

    Paul Williams vs Sergio Martinez

    Isreal Vasquez vs Rafael Marquez 2

    Marvin Hagler vs Thomas Hearns

    Jorge Arce vs Hussein Hussein 1

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    Hagler-Hearns, Hagler had huge cut bleeding into his eyes.


    Any fight won by Gene Fullmer or Carmen Basilio

    1st Graziano-Zale

    1st Walcott-Marciano

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    Cotto and Clottey

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    Dela Hoya - floyd

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