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Homemaker asked in TravelIndiaChennai · 1 decade ago

How do you view this selfish act of tamil nadu nadiger sangem?

they made prabhu deva and nayantara dance on stage for publicity! oru pennode vayitthule neruppe alli kottittu, athuleye kulir kaaynji, namme kaariyem aana seri'nnu ivengge rendu pereyum jodi'ya aade vechirukangge. ithe CM vere paarthu rasicharu pole (im not sure if CM attended the function...)

what is your opinion?

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    Namma CM enna oru kalyanamaa panni irukaaru. So avar ethai pakarathu periya vishiyamey illa. Oru ponnoda vazhkairathaiyum thaandi, ithula innoru vishiyam iruku. Prabhudeva thannoda 12 vayasu paiyan setthu(died) 3, 4 varathula indha nayanthara matterah leak pannaaru. Than magan setha konja naalaiyeh konjam kuda manasatchiyeh illama eppadi oruthi kuda senthukittu than manaiviya vittutu pora jenmangala enna panrathu. I m ashame of prabhudeva.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Bull sir, kindly remove the sentence attacking Nayandara personally. We are living in an age where even Indians - albeit ultra 'modern's - go for 'dating' culture which means having conjugal relationships before marriage and either to choose or dump the 'boy / girl friend' at the end of a period. Even some so called 'social activists' have started justifying these 'deviancies' as part of one's personal liberty etc.

    More than that 'values' have become more personal matters and using our anonymity in a public domain to pass obscene comments and embarrass some one - even if known for his / her lose morals - would be considered unethical and even objectionable. So person of your status should kindly refrain from such outbursts. This is a request as your well wisher and a Yahoo contact.

    I intend to delete this advice on seeing an early compliance from you. As I do not entertain emails for some reasons, I had to write here only. I had also starred the question just to attract your attention.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    to resist instead of accepting everything that was thrown to them. Why should everyone learn Hindi leaving their language. All the states were like countries on their own before British Rule. The way it was United as a one country doesn't mean rest of the country to take whatever it shoved on to them. Learning Hindi has nothing to do with Patriotism or Culture. I was raised in Chennai. To me anything other than Tamil was foreign. I could relate to the other South Indian Languages but definitely not to any North Indian Language. If I had to learn a Foreign Language, I'd choose English over Hindi bcos of obvious reasons.

  • ?
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Nayanthara dance nerla parka avalo kootam, Maha Sivarathiriki kooda kovila appadi koodatha makkal. Vayithule nerupu kotina, nama heroes omlet poduvanga, parota suduvanunga, yaen theekuchu patha vachi dhum adipanga. Pambaram kooda viduvanga, playground range iku ayidchu, Nayanthara suma illama, Simbu matterla matti apparam AP and TN politician rendu peru recommendation la thaan velliya vanda. Engae avanai vaalata solunga ippo, kaltha thaan kidaikum.. next Trisha kitae route vidaraan! Nayanthara, Prabhu nu tattoo vera potutu ooraiyae kadhi kalanga adichita! Nadigar sangathilae nadikaravanai vida naadagam aadaravanunga thaan adigam.

    Ellam kaasu ma! Suma aadamatanga, ivanga venamnu solirukalam. Sonalum gundar(thondar) kootam vidathu. Panathasai yaarai vitadu! CM kannai moodarathukulae idellam parkanamnu venduthal vera iruku!

    Entrance ticket ellam potu sema collection! Paavam Namitha!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Enakku Kumaroda badhilum Ranjith badhilum eranume pudichirukku. Naan idhai vida jaasthiyaa solla mudiyum. Time varattum, soldren.

    Karunanidhi attend panni kadaisi varaikkum irundhu rasichuttu thaan ponaaru. Ippo, indha timele, andha aalukku "vizha" edukkaradhukku enna kaaranam? Onnumae ille, he wanted a pomp show and he ordered for it and these "chamchas" organised. That's all. That's why when Ajith questioned and hinted out about the same in an indirect manner, Rajini stood from his chair and clapped for Ajith's speech.

    Last month also, there was one celebration for felicitating Karunanidhi by the same film koojaas. Reason : Best known to Karunanidhi and Kalaignar TV.

    @@ Bala Sir, Thank you for timely advice.I am ashamed on my remarks about Nayantara. Thank you again.

    @@I also thank Poondi B.Sir, who through an e-mail advised me to refrain from making such personal attacks. Poondi.B. Saheb, Thank you.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Dear HM,

    i wonder you are taking this very seriously and floated a question. i understand your pain on seeing this, but they are humans and they don't know human values. i hope this may be on compulsions, and about our chief minister, he will attend all functions and that too from cine field. please believe at least now, that they are acting not only in film but also in real life.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it is not the selfish act but to honour the CM of tamil nadu and get grants for the sangam the artistes work together to make and please the CM.

  • 1 decade ago

    quite bad.....

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